The Fight is Coming to Them…

Modern Politics w/ Warren and Emily – Zionist Strike on Syria

It’s Official. B’Tselem Designates the Current Israeli Government as an Apartheid Regime (Racist Supremacists)

Originally posted on Digital Empire:
B’Tselem is the Israeli Information Center for Human Rights. The top human rights NGO in Jerusalem. This effectively overrides everything that Pat Robertson believes in, (Neocons, Globalists, and Neolibs included).

The Poisonous Spread of “Democracy” in the age of the newly defangled NEW WORLD ORDER – and the rising from the ashes of a New World Order once again.

The NWO as seen in 1990 died in 2020. The idea of a New World Order we lost alot, and worse here in America complete loss of trust in any government/media/bullshit narrative: • The sensational attack on Iraq… Read More

Hunter Wallace on History of ZOG – Good Podcast.

Hunter Wallace is the editor and owner of Occidental Dissent, and he has been a key man in right wing/third Position politics for decades. This was a great commentary he has on ZOG. The original link and… Read More