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TDS793: Rimming the Elite TDS

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  1. TDS793: Rimming the Elite
  2. TDS792: Jewish Loot Crate
  3. TDS790: Bacha Bazi With American Characteristics
  4. TDS788: Heck Off Small Cappies
  5. TDS787: Critical Holocaust Theory

Fash the Nation 384

FTN 384: Talent on Loan from Yahweh fash-the-nation's podcast

Episode Topics: 00:00:00 – Rush Tribute Montage 00:09:00 – Show Starts Here 00:30:00 – Don't Say Jewish Lobby in NYC 00:50:00 – Gloria Allred: SHUT IT DOWN 01:05:00 – Happy Meal Conservatism 01:20:00 – Oxys, Viagra, and Epstein Lawyers 01:35:00 – Really Makes Ya Fink 01:55:00 – Obscene Profit Timeout 02:08:00 – Shattering Stigmas 02:18:00 – Key Jewish Opinion Makers 02:32:00 – Prescriber Profiling 02:47:00 – Targeting Germany 02:57:00 – Blizzard People 03:25:00 – It's the Jewish Thing to Do 03:40:00 – Oxys for Kids! 03:50:00 – Sacklers Go Global 04:02:00 – Banking Queen


FTN 382: Mega Satanic Pedophile Cabals fash-the-nation's podcast

Episode Topics: 00:00:00 – Jig's Up 00:14:00 – Radical Accelerationism 00:45:00 – Greedy Jaaaash Pardon Schemes 01:03:00 – BREAK 01:07:09 – This is How We MEGA 01:35:00 – Weaponized Jewish Philanthropy 02:00:00 – Taubman's Mall Empire 02:30:00 – Wexner's Iraq War Agitprop 02:40:00 – Holohoax Gang Gang 03:00:00 – Waldheim Gay Op 03:20:00 – Outro

Jazznds and James pledge a program of complete and total amnesty along with an expedited pathway to wignatship for Trump era refugees, dig into white pills embedded in Michael Jensen’s sometimes incoherent prescriptions for combating extreeeeemists and fighting accelerating “radicalization”, and take a tour of the various Jewish clemency campaigns afoot in the waning days of Trump’s presidency. After the break, it’s a long-overdue mega nnndeep-nnndive into the Mega Group, a coterie of wealthy and influential Jews who, via an elaborate scheme of weaponized philanthropy, manage and direct an array of Jewish causes to suit their agenda while increasing and consolidating their power. If it’s Sunday, it’s FTN.



  • Nignoose
  • Bug Sven
  • Blackface Anne Frank
  • Be Philosopher
  • Emissions Guy Booted
  • They Even Misuse Rocks
  • The Story of Peter Rachman
  • Totally Not Working With the Feds


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TDS705: Chatter Bacon Ranch #TRS



  • Help Svenjeet
  • Late to the Alt-Right Journalism Game
  • Megan Squire is Old
  • Pajeet Declares War on Groypers
  • Who are these Pagan Journalists?
  • The Merchant Minute
  • The Laughable Case for White Supremacy Violence
  • Don’t Lock Your Bikes for Equality
  • Nathan J Robinson fired from The Guardian

Strike & Mike vs. Antifa Debate – Held March 14, 2020

Yesterday, National Justice Editor-in-Chief Eric Striker and Mike Enoch of debated Marxist journalist Caleb Maupin and anarchist Brenton Lengel.