Bug in Brave Browser Expose Users’ Dark Web History

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Introduced in June 2018, Brave’s Tor mode has enabled Brave users to gain anonymity when browsing the internet, encouraging them to have access to the .onion versions of legal websites such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and key news portals over the years. However, an unnamed security researcher reported in the research article, that Brave’s Tor mode had sent queries to DNS resolvers rather than Tor nodes on the open Network. DNS requests are non-encrypted so that attempts to access .onion sites in Brave can be monitored using the Tor functionality, which is directly contradictory to the goal of this platform at first. 

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Andre Wang Lin Appears on Ralph Retort for a Mysterious Adventure

A mysterious fellow appeared on the #RalphRetort Tuesday night, and I invite you to experience his magnificent and joyful adventure.

Topics discussed:

  • 8chan
  • Bitmitigate deciding not to serve #8chan
  • General censorship
  • Fed shills and why you can’t have them
  • The development of the #Tor network
  • Whoish trannies in #Canada who can’t get their balls waxed due to oppression
  • Trannies as leading the way to the normalization of pedophilia
  • Comic books

Join us as we emerge into – and beyond – the unknown reaches of consciousness.