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  • by Mimi Nguyen Ly via The Epoch Times
    Many top legal experts believe that Biden's Sept. 9 Executive Order was patently illegal. Now it is being challenged by a massive class-action suit that is initially asking for a restraining order to put on hold the Nov. 22 deadline for vaccination of all military, civilian employees and affiliated contractors.
  • by Helen Pidd via The Guardian (UK)
    Hearing voices in your head? Hallucinating? It is likely a byproduct of pandemic policies like constant fear mongering, social exclusion, lockdowns, wearing masks, etc. As a result, suicide rates are skyrocketing and lives and families are being ruined for years or decades. Literally, the "madness" must stop!
  • by Wes Venteicher, via The Sacramento Bee
    It has been reported to me by a top medical professional that the actual vaccination rate among most groups in America is being greatly inflated. This rings true in deep-blue California where Gov. Newsom flatly ordered all state workers to take the shot. While 60% might have "obeyed", at least 40% have not! Will Newsom […]
  • by Joe Allen via The Federalist
    This high-level summit of Transhumans includes top leaders like Ray Kurzweil (Google), Max More (Alcor Life Extension), Natasha Vita-More (Humanity Plus), Ben Goertzel (SingularityNET) and many others. 
  • by Ben Norton via The Gray Zone
    "Mastering The Human Domain" is the final frontier of warfare: "Its objective is to sow dissonance, instigate conflicting narratives, polarize opinion, and radicalize groups" in order to disrupt or fragment entire societies.
  • by Ryan Morgan via AmericanMilitaryNews
    Navy personnel who refuse the jab, from swabbies to admirals, will be summarily booted with a General Discharge instead of an  Honorable Discharge, resulting in a loss of certain veterans' benefits. Loss of personnel of this magnitude is a national security risk.
  • by Jon Miltimore via FEE
    Across the entire spectrum of essential industries, we can expect that shortages of employees over vaccine mandates will create chaotic interruption of services. Some claim these are unintended consequences. However, Technocracy and Technocrats have implemented these policies as a scorched earth economic meltdown that is necessary for them to "build back better"
  • by David Slotnick via The Points Guy
    Approximately 25-30 percent of pilots and airline workers remain unvaccinated and risk being fired. Airline executives cite obedience to Biden's Executive Order that has failed to materialize in the Federal Register. This means that they are essentially following a press statement that has no substance whatsoever.
  • by Gregory Wallace and Pete Muntean via WLWT5
    Medical Technocrats just cannot understand why people don't comply with their draconian commands to vaccinate or lose everything. Nevertheless, battle lines of resistance are being drawn because large numbers of employees have had enough of being pushed around.
  • by Isabel van Brugen via The Epoch Times
    The pressure of COVID vaccine dictatorship is creating battle lines in the oddest places, like Chicago's police force. It is risking a mass firing over employees refusing to take the gene therapy injections, which could be catastrophic to law and order in an already troubled city.

The United Nations and the Modern Globalist Organizations

From my Instagram. I don’t use it much lately, my original Instagram earned over 2,000 subscribers with active engagement but I posted a Black Sun Wheel more than once and they banned me. Infact, this was the actual one that got me banned:

Notice how it has a bee in the middle. And it’s a honey comb backdrop. This concerned “bee power”…bees are our allies in the ecosystem…but our ecosystem, our way of living, our heritage, culture, values, traditions, norms, customs, rituals, reality – our very existence – is under attack on many fronts from the (((Globalist))) consortium outlined in the above Instagram post. The UN wants the world to adapt a one world culture. This involves eliminating race, color, religion, national identity, gender, YOU.