Within a high trust society, bonds are formed between souls, that share an understanding of the importance of preserving their community. There is a universal system of time keeping, allowing for planning. The four seasons provide structure to procure proper water, plant crops, tend to livestock. The barter and trade mechanism allows procurement of textiles, metals, fabrics, potions. There is a framework for universal understanding of things that people can see, as they share their description within bonds that are forged, the affirmation of a neighbor seeing the objective reality another member of the high trust society community witnesses…this allows for abbreviated efforts of expression. Symbols are able to be adapted. Simple symbols, like these here:

⦷ – Circled Parallel

⊗ – No Entry

⑭ – Fourteen

✇ – Chemical

⨁ – Sun Cross

The symbols come to signify easily understandable concepts to highly complex subject matter. Symbols reveal, symbols conceal. For many years I’ve read into symbols, the arrangement of using multiple symbols from a specific strata, also patterns of arrangement of symbols throughout things from my youth, Celtic Tarot cards for instance. At the core of the symbols are some universally understandable concepts.