People of the World, Stay Strong. Do Not Yield to the Clamour for Vaccines. It Will Soon Pass.

Not Something Else

I give you this warning. And it is not without the evidence of science, nor without the evidence of observation.

If you have, in the future, or had in the past, a COVID vaccination – potentially any of those on offer – then you have probably given yourself a death sentence – to be realised within the next 2-3 years. So for most of the vaccinated it is an early death sentence. At best you have sentenced yourself to a lifetime of regular ‘booster’ vaccines and a mostly unknown range of chronic illnesses or sudden death. And each additional vaccine you take, will also be a further danger to yourself and also to others. There is no cure for the self-inflicted harm you have done to yourself. It cannot be undone. At least not by any means of which we have current knowledge. And are you going to again trust…

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