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Bombshell leaked emails showing that Amazon strikebreakers uses racial diversity to ensure workers at Whole Foods never unionize only confirms taboo research showing that multiculturalism destroys civic cohesion and engagement of all kinds. 

Unionized workers — and their threat to strike — is a massive threat to executive bonuses and a companies stock value. America’s plutocrats are the wealthiest in the world, even as living standards for the majority decline.

According to Amazon’s internal documents, more racially homogenous stores, which is usually codeword for white, have higher rates of sales, but tend to be “hot spots” for the threat of unionization. In other words, it’s not even totally economic, but also a question of power. Jeff Bezos would rather sell fewer products than have to negotiate any conditions with his workers.  

Diversity and the Death of Labor 

On this front, white workers are alone. The left today prioritizes liberal concepts of “diversity” far above the common man’s economic interests. In their discourse, self-described socialists will rely on Cato Institute studies showing immigration improves GDP to dismiss the Hecksher-Olin-Samuelson (HOS) model that shows immigration inevitably weakens labor’s bargaining power. What do self-described “socialists” think of legalizing child labor, which would also boost GDP? The libertarian ghouls at Cato support this too

The work of elite Jewish globalists like Ruth Milkman (2006) has been highly influential in articulating the theory that labor unions should support open borders legislation in order to legalize and organize migrants. According to advocates of this strategy, which the AFL-CIO has embraced since the 1990s, mass immigration is not something modern nation-states can do anything about (proven to be a lie by recent COVID-19 border closings around the world), so unions must adapt to mitigate the impact of illegal immigrant labor and guarantee a future as an institution.

The promised mass organizing of immigrants never materialized. Instead the withering away of solidarity caused by scab labor and increased diversity in the West has been a major factor in the free fall of union membership. As the AFL-CIO changed its tune on immigration, working class political power simultaneously declined. The Democratic Party now ignores working people and embraces its role as a puppet of Wall Street and Silicon Valley donors.

The only alternative for white labor is the GOP, which despite owing its electoral success to this demographic, doesn’t want it.  

Leftists would argue that the failure of their “internationalist”/globalist theory is because of white privilege and racism — exclusion of immigrants, rather than changing their socially conservative internal culture to encourage them to join up. But the actual correlation is the other way around: the more pro-immigration organized labor is, the weaker it gets. 

According to Julie Watts’ 2002 study of labor attitudes, Immigration policy and the challenge of globalization: Unions and employers in unlikely alliance, countries withunions with strong communist and anarchist backgrounds like Spain and France were some of the most eager to embrace a pro-immigration position. Today, union membership in Spain has essentially collapsed to lower rates than even the United States. France, another nation where labor supports open borders, has experienced something similar, with its unions struggling for relevance even as Yellow Vest discontent swept through the streets. 

The excuse communists and left-liberals make is that labor power in Europe was destroyed during the 2008 financial crisis. Yet Iceland, which suffered one of the worst financial meltdowns in Europe during the same period, continues to lead the world in labor union participation at 92%. What is Iceland’s secret? Up until 2018, it was one of the most racially homogenous countries on earth, with virtually no immigration for 1,000 years. 

Rather than learning and adapting to real world conditions, the left has only moved the goalposts further and further to rationalize its cosmopolitan, neo-liberal first principles. At The Baffler, a “socialist” journal that pays authors $900 per piece, the Jewish author Jamie Marchant took to attacking the idea of economic nationalism more broadly. According to the full-time academic, tariffs and trade agreements that protect American workers are also racist and unions should stop lobbying for them because they take jobs from workers in Mexico. This insane inversion of common sense is predicated upon the idea that nations have no moral right to ensure capital serves its people first — how convenient for “global citizens” like Jeff Bezos. 

The Kosher Third Position 

As the Bernie moment subsides and the left comes to terms with being a vehicle for the political will of the elite, there is a rising intellectual movement composed of “national conservatives” and Catholic integralists taking hold on the peripheries of the Republican party looking to take white workers for another ride.

Figures like Marco Rubio, Josh Hawley and Matt Gaetz represent the political incarnations of these ideas. These men want to run for president in 2024. 

The journal encapsulating this rising tendency is American Affairs, which often publishes intellectual works that transcend left and right. 

By and large, the prominent voices at American Affairs endorse corporatism/solidarism — the pro-worker economic ideology of Benito Mussolini, the original Falangists and Adolf Hitler. But there’s one catch: all of its advocates are avowed “anti-racists,” and in very recent times, increasingly Jewish. 

On the front page of the publication, we see the work of Jews with spotty histories as neocons or Zionists, like Compass’ Oren Cass, Blue Labour’s Maurice Glasman, Matt Stoller, and David P. Goldman. They are on the record as being hostile to anything even resembling “white nationalism,” in spite of the fact that the people they are talking about in their research today are by and large white.

The editor of the ostensibly Trumpian journal, Julius Krein, wrote an opinion piece days after the 2017 Charlottesville march claiming to have “regretted” voting for Trump after the president made the point that there was violence on “both sides.” The op-ed was nothing more than an “Antifa” rant. 

Researcher Michael Dawson’s 1994 work studying the importance of race in developing a “linked fate” — collective consciousness — demonstrates that unity through blood and soil is the easiest and most efficient way to bring individuals together. Without a linked fate, individual workers do not feel compelled to sacrifice as individuals for a group — something every successful labor union has instilled in its militants. 

There is an argument to be made that America, as a multi-racial country, must encourage cross racial labor organizing to some degree. The problem with pro-worker post-liberals, whether Catholic Integralists like Adrian Vermeule and Sohrab Ahmari or Yoram Hazony endorsed “national conservatives” flirting with Fascist ideas is that they actively attack any white advocacy whatsoever. 

In a recent article criticizing these figures, paleo-conservative Scott Greer made the point that what animated Trump’s election in 2016 was a web of issues — preserving the European identity of the United States being a huge one. Instituting a Catholic theocracy is…a much tougher sell. 

Any industrial policy or attempt at reviving America’s civic institutions will fail at launch without the racial question taken into consideration, as the anti-solidarity specialists at Amazon do. It’s not a zero-sum game to us, but it is to the phony right. If every race has a right to wield the power of ethno-nationalism in the fight over resources in America. 

If America is going to work, we need racial syndicates side by side with class-based ones. If whites are denied this by their self-selected leaders, then they are no friends of white workers. 

Strike & Mike vs. Antifa Debate – Held March 14, 2020

Yesterday, National Justice Editor-in-Chief Eric Striker and Mike Enoch of TheRightStuff.biz debated Marxist journalist Caleb Maupin and anarchist Brenton Lengel. 

National Justice – Slovakia: Third Positionist Party Rises To Second As Gypsy Violence Engulfs Country

By Eric Striker.

Source: https://national-justice.com/current-events/slovakia-third-positionist-party-rises-second-gypsy-violence-engulfs-country-n2096

Nationalists are on the rise in Slovakia. 

The People’s Party – Our Slovakia, led by charismatic rebel Marian Kotleba, is polling at 14% ahead of parliamentary elections next February. This will almost double the seats they won in 2016, putting them ahead of all the competing conservative and liberal parties and making them second only to the ruling socialist party, Smer, which is polling at 18.7%.

Kotleba is campaigning against organized gypsy crime, Zionist power, American influence and the European Union. They have combined this with a pro-family socialist economic platform, which will reassert Slovakian sovereignty, defeat high finance, and put the economy back in the hands of the struggling Slovakian people. The group is known for its volunteer projects and high levels of civic engagement.

They also honor the memory of an important Slovak independence leader, the Catholic Priest Jozef Tiso, who aligned with Germany during World War II. 

Their fight for public space and representation has not been easy. After breaking into the parliament in 2016, The People’s Party’s political rivals attempted to ban the organization as a “neo-Nazi” threat to “democracy.” The courts found that banning the group would risk shaking public faith in the system even further. 

Kotleba himself has been prosecuted for refusing to mince words about gypsy violence. He was fined 10,000 Euros in 2016 over comments he made on the subject. Last year a member of the People’s Party was expelled from the parliament for “hate speech.” 

Statistics on “Roma” crime are difficult to find in the West and concerns on the matter are dismissed by neo-liberals as mindless bigotry, but in the United Kingdom the influx of Slovakian gypsies has caused outcry from locals. In Sheffield, a multicultural district, they beat and rob random elderly people in the street, causing public terror that has even caused black and Pakistani residents to complain.

In Glasgow, a criminal ring led by gypsies with Slovakian citizenship outraged Scottish courts after being busted for kidnapping and selling Slovakian girls to local Pakistani men over a five year period. 

Across the continent, the influx of gypsies from Eastern Europe to the West has fueled disenchantment with the European Union’s free movement clause, including in leftist and liberal municipalities. The crisis is real.  

Slovak media is now consolidating and targeting Kotleba and his group with propaganda. One instance they are trying to use was when Kotleba introduced a Rock Against Communism band, Biely odpor, who sang a song called “White Slovakia.”  This may not have the effect on popular opinion the system expects. 

The vice chair of the Progressive Party, the gypsy Irena Biháriová, is planning to use litigation against The People’s Party in a quest to cheat the electoral system. The Progressive Party, a coalition of pro-EU social liberals known for their affluent “hipster” base, is the party represented by president Zuzana Čaputová.  While Western media hailed her victory last summer, her party is as of now polling third behind The People’s Party.

National Justice: Bipartisan “Farm Workforce Modernization Act” Will Amnesty Millions and Bring Back Indentured Servitude

Source: https://national-justice.com/bipartisan-farm-workforce-modernization-act-will-amnesty-millions-and-bring-back-indentured

by Eric Striker

Every year for the past decade, the $100 million dollar agribusiness lobby has gotten an amnesty bill on the Congressional agenda.

In a nation governed by reason, they would use this money to attract American workers with higher pay and benefits or develop new technology to do the farm work. Instead, they would rather cheat and cut corners by bribing politicians into passing the H.R. 5038 monstrosity, which both Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives happily did.  

While neo-liberal “experts” like to claim amnesty is widely popular, House members approving this law decided to mask their stink. They were able to avoid personal accountability by utilizing a “voice vote.” This piece of legislation will get to the Senate as early as Spring 2020. 

Some of the major “reforms” in this bill would outrage most Americans, but the broad swath of conservative media appears to be ignoring it outside of Tucker Carlson. An op-ed on Fox News by Ali Noori declared this amnesty a “Christmas miracle” and an “economic stimulus” for regions centered around agricultural production. Norman Adams, editor of a website called “Texas GOP Vote,” wrote an attack on Tucker Carlson’s critical segment for “misrepresenting” the bill, claiming that in fact more than 3/4 of Americans love mass immigration as long as they pay a fine and it’s made “legal” post-hoc.  

But if the state of California, represented by the bill’s main sponsor Zoe Lofgren, is any clue, all it will do is export her home’s “Elysium” style two-tiered society of billionaires overseeing a third world plantation to the white majority Pacific Northwest and Idaho. Where will middle class people flee to then?  

Reagan Amnesty Redux 

Millions of supposed agricultural workers were amnestied by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. None of the punitive aspects of the bill were ever enforced. 

Furthermore, the “cheap farm labor Americans don’t want to do” logic did not play out as expected either. The old trope applies to illegal immigrants as well: most of the recipients of 1986 amnesty green cards quit farm work and went off to compete with middle class Americans in building, manufacturing, and trucking/distribution. The standard of proof for receiving the benefits of this bill were also low, with anyone claiming to have ever worked on a farm getting in.

H.R. 5038 keeps all the bad parts of the original Reagan amnesty, but adds some new shocking caveats. The Democrats who voted overwhelmingly for this bill like to sell themselves as protectors of brown people and the poor, but the law anticipates mass post-green card turnover by mandating that farm workers spend an additional four years toiling in fields before qualifying for legalization.

In other words, the bill modernizes nothing. It keeps American agriculture stuck in the 18th century with 21st century indentured servitude, all while advanced nations like Japan and Norway use robots to pick their fruits and vegetables at a far more efficient rate than human hands.

Additionally, the bill will raise the visa ceiling for jobs in landscaping, hospitality, janitors, etc., jobs many Americans currently do and shouldn’t have to compete for, that have nothing to do with agricultural production. 

The law was hardly debated in the House, aside from criticism by Representative Doug Collins. He pointed out that illegal aliens who have skipped deportation hearings, have engaged in Social Security fraud, and have DUI convictions can all be granted legal status. Additionally, public money will be set aside to provide illegal aliens with lawyers to straighten out their paper work.  

How Many Do They Need? 

According to some estimates, there are 2.5 million illegal aliens working in American agriculture. All of them and their families will be granted amnesty under this bill, but history suggests that America’s big farmers and dairymen will be back demanding more as soon as the law is put in place. 

Agribusiness is already highly privileged, thanks to generous government subsidies and a “guest worker” system where many of the guests end up staying permanently. A debate is needed as to why this industry, flush with public money, feels entitled to import the entire male population of rural Mexico instead of compensating Americans for what the work actually costs. 

Even the one crumb of immigration enforcement the GOP supporters of this bill are touting, mandatory e-verify, will only apply to agricultural work. The workers that do get turned away for farm jobs will simply occupy positions in unregulated sectors (which, after this bill, is all the others). 

It is important that this bill go to the Senate before the 2020 election, so that the GOP votes it down or Trump vetoes it. 
The irony of Democrats importing slaves for ruthless feudalistic exploitation and Republicans bringing in their future electoral rivals is not lost on them. They prefer personal enrichment over any principle of justice or nationalism. 

National Justice – The Battle for Gun Rights in Virginia

Source: National Justice – by Ahab

Recent events in Virginia are teaching rural and working class white America a lesson about what they can expect when they are electorally outnumbered and replaced in their own state. Gun control is the order of the day, and in spite of vocal protests in city council meetings and public forums around the state, Second Amendment rights will soon be as dead in Virginia as First Amendment rights already are in the city of Charlottesville.  

Some believe the issue of gun rights is simply a harmless fixation of right-wing boomers, preppers and libertarian cranks. They are wrong. This issue strikes right to the heart of the biggest political and economic transformation in the United States of the past 40 years: the growth of monopolistic corporate power over the lives of the little people. Or to put it more accurately: the domination of billionaire Jews over the lives of  impoverished, socially disintegrated and debt-enslaved white America.

During the late 19th and early 20th century, gigantic capitalists during the Gilded Age presided over another era of big business tyranny over the lives of ordinary Americans. Brutal as they were, those capitalists were mostly white men who still shared some cultural and racial heritage with the masses of working people. Business magnates such as Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller oppressed their workers, but they made their fortunes from commodities such as oil and steel, the stuff which built the growth and transformation of America into an industrialized power. They felt enough residual affiliation with the cultural glories of old Europe to establish magnificent libraries, concert halls and museums. A few enlightened industrialists, such as Henry Ford, even went so far as to make the improvement of the lives of workers a priority, and to warn the people against the growing financial power of the international Jew.

Ford’s warnings were prophetic. We are living in the second great Gilded Age in America, but the new Jewish oligarchs of the 21st century differ from their predecessors in several important ways. For one, they mostly built their fortunes through parasitic–rather than productive–sources of wealth, such as usury or real estate speculation. They share no racial or cultural affinity with the majority of Americans, and to the extent they patronize culture and the arts, they only support a consumer mass culture also controlled by rich Jews. Rather than enlighten and edify the masses, this popular culture of pornography, hip hop and Marvel movies is designed to titillate only the most base instincts, to erode the social fabric, distract the people and render them docile and compliant.

 But one thing the Jewish oligarchs of today share with the Robber Barons of old: a shared antipathy towards the people’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms. During the great labor wars of the early 20th century, it was the ability of organized labor to fight back with rifles against the armed thugs and corrupt law enforcement officials of the capitalists which kept them from being completely overwhelmed. From the Great Railroad Strikes, the Colorado Labor Wars to the Battles of Homestead, Matewan and Blair Mountain, striking workers were only able to resist the iron heel of the oligarchs because they were armed with rifles which could hit back against the deadly force of the mercenaries. This was right in line with the original purpose of the 2nd Amendment: to secure the lives and liberty of the people against tyranny, a point missed by so many gun control advocates who sheepishly bleat against “military-style assault weapons.”

The working men of early 20th-century America were made of stiffer stuff than today’s emasculated suburbanites. The corporate bugmen and suburban career women of our modern capitalism have been socially engineered for docility, social conformity and cowardice. So when these feeble, degenerate specimens combine their votes with the rapidly increasing third world immigrant horde–who neither respect nor understand any tradition of independent gun ownership–they form a voting bloc which can overwhelm even the proud traditions of a state such as Virginia. The abuses of the giant capitalists of that time were kept in check by the organized labor power of the working white people, which was supported by the Second Amendment. Today, organized labor has been broken by forcing women into the workforce, by diversity quotas, by the largest influx of immigrant labor in American history, and by a co-opted labor movement which pushes an anti-white, anti-family and anti-2nd Amendment liberal agenda.

In the same way Jewish billionaires, such as George Soros and Sheldon Adelson, pull the strings to subvert the genuine people’s movements of both the Left and the Right in America, so do Jewish billionaires like Michael Bloomberg advocate openly for the total disarmament of the American people. One only has to remember the fate of Occupy Wall Street under Bloomberg’s iron heel to see clearly what he envisions for the rest of the country. At that time, Bloomberg used the NYPD–which he bragged about being the “7th-largest army in the world”–as the private foot soldiers of  Wall Street to utterly sweep the rag-tag protestors of OWS from the public square. Occupy was similarly crushed in Chicago by Bloomberg’s fellow Hebrew mayor Rahm Emmanuel–himself the son of an Israeli terrorist, yet a major advocate of gun control for white Americans. If the example of OWS is not enough, simply look to Palestine to see how the Jews treat a population which has been disarmed and is at their mercy.

Occupy was perhaps the last weak manifestation of Leftist resistance to global capital in the United States, before the Left was totally subverted and redirected against “racists” and other oppressed white people. Even such a seemingly anachronistic organization as Redneck Revolt, which claims to be a pro-gun successor to the great labor movements of the early 20th century, spends 95% of their time terrorizing “racists” and “fascists” instead of challenging the corporate Jewish oligarchs who control our society. In other words, they threaten and harass the few working white people still willing to offer resistance to capitalist politically correct tyranny, protecting the corporate masters of neoliberalism. Like the rest of Antifa, this obviously astroturfed Jewish front group only serves to act as the modern Pinkertons and Baldwin Felts of the earlier era–terrorizing and intimidating the working people who are only trying to organize to defend their rights!

Analysts talking about gun control in Virginia make it an issue about the voters there being forced to choose between upholding the Second Amendment, or “attracting high-tech companies” with socially liberal values. They no longer even feel the need to pretend this isn’t about the power of global corporations to override the local traditions and rights of the people. Time will tell whether enough whites in states like Virginia wake up from the conservative delusion of capitalist individualism to realize they are being targeted both as a class and as a race, and that only the socialism of class and the nationalism of race will give them the strength to drive back the creeping tyranny of the oligarchs.