Waco – A New Revelation – Neo-Liberal State War Machine’s Assault on Christianity and Constitutional Freedoms

The portrayal of the Branch Dividians and David Koresh by the establishment media cast them as the belligerents in the Waco standoff. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of newscasts always paint a picture of David Koresh forcing his religious group into suicide. By inferno.

The reality is that the government, via the ATF, chose to make a harsh example of what happens when a group of people with an in-group religious preference acquire firearms that are outside the scope of approval by the coming of the Globohomogayplex, Neo-Liberal, State/Media apparatus.

What’s striking here is:

  • The true origins of the inferno (Delta)
  • The conflict of interest in negotiations (FBI)
  • Fucking CHUCK SCHUMER (this man has got to GO…it’s like 100 years later and he’s still in office)

Military personnel plan to RESIGN if Covid vaccines mandated

By Dr Eddy Betterman Several members of the military have informed Republican Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky that they are planning to resign if the government mandates Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines for the armed forces. In response to the objections of servicemen and women, Massie introduced HR 3860. This bill would “prohibit any mandatory requirement that a […]

Military personnel plan to RESIGN if Covid vaccines mandated

US Troops Die For World Domination, Not Freedom – Caitlin Johnstone

US Troops Die For World Domination, Not Freedom – Caitlin Johnstone
By: via Geopolitical Conflict