by Mark Collett on YouTube

Join me tonight for our fourth Warzone Tournament.

Join in and play in the tournament by adding me:

You can add me on Battlenet: MarkyC#21592
Or on Call of Duty: MarkyC1980#2828287

The lobby will be open from 8pm UK time and games start shortly after!


Ways you can help contribute to my work:
BitCoin: 31oe67q7PLQUbNABy87xjiipBvexgBYjtz
Etherium: 0xb44739a8f2c57Cad38F96Aab8F2a0cA18258A7bA
BitCoin Cash: qpaaukrttfvq0j99gfl43hhs5q0tmhzfevkhp3r2c9
Monero: 42qypZQGMzNfFa5yXBxkqxL4iDw5cmzbtCC81dKcQbMrhLrsJUYAFSsLs9Um4hG32R5GfaqfgGj7oR6ZJ7pGyaY3FFu9HKD

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Millenniyule 2019 – Millennial Woes

Wednesday 18th

3pmSargon of Akkad

5pmGreg Johnson

7pmJames Allsup

Thursday 19th

3pmCount Dankula

5pmThe Iconoclast

7pmJared Taylor

Friday 20th

3pmSurvive the Jive

5pmCritical Condition

7pmArtemisian Aesthetic


Saturday 21st

3pmThe Golden One



9pmJF Gariepy

Sunday 22nd

3pmThe Jolly Heretic

7pmThe Distributist


Monday 23rd

3pmThe Absolute State of Britain

5pmMark Collett

7pmOrwell & Goode

Tuesday 24th

3pmKeith Woods

5pmScandza Forum

7pmRed Ice

9pmOn the Offensive

Saturday 28th

3pmLibertas Metapolitics

7pmThe Afterparty

Monday 30th