Israel Subversion of Microsoft to Influence 2020 Elections

Streamed live on Jul 22, 2019
The Harsh Reality is a YouTuber focusing on issues related to Israel and ethnic supremacy.

02:23 What is happening with Microsoft?
04:44 The Fukushima reactor
06:26 Concerned Citizen Action
09:20 What can be done about selling U.S. secrets?
13:13 Zionist Derailment of Grassroots Movements
20:45 Teaching your children Civic involvement
24:04 Responsibility
24:44 Israel’s Prominence and its effect on discourse
28:58 Selling us our own technology
32:26 Israel in the Tech Sphere
34:43 Immigration Numbers
37:18 Underestimating our Influence
40:07 Closing Remarks

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