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Bombshell leaked emails showing that Amazon strikebreakers uses racial diversity to ensure workers at Whole Foods never unionize only confirms taboo research showing that multiculturalism destroys civic cohesion and engagement of all kinds. 

Unionized workers — and their threat to strike — is a massive threat to executive bonuses and a companies stock value. America’s plutocrats are the wealthiest in the world, even as living standards for the majority decline.

According to Amazon’s internal documents, more racially homogenous stores, which is usually codeword for white, have higher rates of sales, but tend to be “hot spots” for the threat of unionization. In other words, it’s not even totally economic, but also a question of power. Jeff Bezos would rather sell fewer products than have to negotiate any conditions with his workers.  

Diversity and the Death of Labor 

On this front, white workers are alone. The left today prioritizes liberal concepts of “diversity” far above the common man’s economic interests. In their discourse, self-described socialists will rely on Cato Institute studies showing immigration improves GDP to dismiss the Hecksher-Olin-Samuelson (HOS) model that shows immigration inevitably weakens labor’s bargaining power. What do self-described “socialists” think of legalizing child labor, which would also boost GDP? The libertarian ghouls at Cato support this too

The work of elite Jewish globalists like Ruth Milkman (2006) has been highly influential in articulating the theory that labor unions should support open borders legislation in order to legalize and organize migrants. According to advocates of this strategy, which the AFL-CIO has embraced since the 1990s, mass immigration is not something modern nation-states can do anything about (proven to be a lie by recent COVID-19 border closings around the world), so unions must adapt to mitigate the impact of illegal immigrant labor and guarantee a future as an institution.

The promised mass organizing of immigrants never materialized. Instead the withering away of solidarity caused by scab labor and increased diversity in the West has been a major factor in the free fall of union membership. As the AFL-CIO changed its tune on immigration, working class political power simultaneously declined. The Democratic Party now ignores working people and embraces its role as a puppet of Wall Street and Silicon Valley donors.

The only alternative for white labor is the GOP, which despite owing its electoral success to this demographic, doesn’t want it.  

Leftists would argue that the failure of their “internationalist”/globalist theory is because of white privilege and racism — exclusion of immigrants, rather than changing their socially conservative internal culture to encourage them to join up. But the actual correlation is the other way around: the more pro-immigration organized labor is, the weaker it gets. 

According to Julie Watts’ 2002 study of labor attitudes, Immigration policy and the challenge of globalization: Unions and employers in unlikely alliance, countries withunions with strong communist and anarchist backgrounds like Spain and France were some of the most eager to embrace a pro-immigration position. Today, union membership in Spain has essentially collapsed to lower rates than even the United States. France, another nation where labor supports open borders, has experienced something similar, with its unions struggling for relevance even as Yellow Vest discontent swept through the streets. 

The excuse communists and left-liberals make is that labor power in Europe was destroyed during the 2008 financial crisis. Yet Iceland, which suffered one of the worst financial meltdowns in Europe during the same period, continues to lead the world in labor union participation at 92%. What is Iceland’s secret? Up until 2018, it was one of the most racially homogenous countries on earth, with virtually no immigration for 1,000 years. 

Rather than learning and adapting to real world conditions, the left has only moved the goalposts further and further to rationalize its cosmopolitan, neo-liberal first principles. At The Baffler, a “socialist” journal that pays authors $900 per piece, the Jewish author Jamie Marchant took to attacking the idea of economic nationalism more broadly. According to the full-time academic, tariffs and trade agreements that protect American workers are also racist and unions should stop lobbying for them because they take jobs from workers in Mexico. This insane inversion of common sense is predicated upon the idea that nations have no moral right to ensure capital serves its people first — how convenient for “global citizens” like Jeff Bezos. 

The Kosher Third Position 

As the Bernie moment subsides and the left comes to terms with being a vehicle for the political will of the elite, there is a rising intellectual movement composed of “national conservatives” and Catholic integralists taking hold on the peripheries of the Republican party looking to take white workers for another ride.

Figures like Marco Rubio, Josh Hawley and Matt Gaetz represent the political incarnations of these ideas. These men want to run for president in 2024. 

The journal encapsulating this rising tendency is American Affairs, which often publishes intellectual works that transcend left and right. 

By and large, the prominent voices at American Affairs endorse corporatism/solidarism — the pro-worker economic ideology of Benito Mussolini, the original Falangists and Adolf Hitler. But there’s one catch: all of its advocates are avowed “anti-racists,” and in very recent times, increasingly Jewish. 

On the front page of the publication, we see the work of Jews with spotty histories as neocons or Zionists, like Compass’ Oren Cass, Blue Labour’s Maurice Glasman, Matt Stoller, and David P. Goldman. They are on the record as being hostile to anything even resembling “white nationalism,” in spite of the fact that the people they are talking about in their research today are by and large white.

The editor of the ostensibly Trumpian journal, Julius Krein, wrote an opinion piece days after the 2017 Charlottesville march claiming to have “regretted” voting for Trump after the president made the point that there was violence on “both sides.” The op-ed was nothing more than an “Antifa” rant. 

Researcher Michael Dawson’s 1994 work studying the importance of race in developing a “linked fate” — collective consciousness — demonstrates that unity through blood and soil is the easiest and most efficient way to bring individuals together. Without a linked fate, individual workers do not feel compelled to sacrifice as individuals for a group — something every successful labor union has instilled in its militants. 

There is an argument to be made that America, as a multi-racial country, must encourage cross racial labor organizing to some degree. The problem with pro-worker post-liberals, whether Catholic Integralists like Adrian Vermeule and Sohrab Ahmari or Yoram Hazony endorsed “national conservatives” flirting with Fascist ideas is that they actively attack any white advocacy whatsoever. 

In a recent article criticizing these figures, paleo-conservative Scott Greer made the point that what animated Trump’s election in 2016 was a web of issues — preserving the European identity of the United States being a huge one. Instituting a Catholic theocracy is…a much tougher sell. 

Any industrial policy or attempt at reviving America’s civic institutions will fail at launch without the racial question taken into consideration, as the anti-solidarity specialists at Amazon do. It’s not a zero-sum game to us, but it is to the phony right. If every race has a right to wield the power of ethno-nationalism in the fight over resources in America. 

If America is going to work, we need racial syndicates side by side with class-based ones. If whites are denied this by their self-selected leaders, then they are no friends of white workers. 

It’s Time to Make Jeff Bezos Pay

By Eric Striker – http://National-justice.com

As COVID-19 deaths begin to mount, American workers are deciding to fight back

Jeff Bezos, who is worth $100 billion dollars, has capitalized on the unfair advantage his company has now that many states have forced non-essential brick and mortar shops to close down. 

Amazon has been on a massive hiring spree, packing thousands of new workers into its unsanitary and cramped warehouses. The drastic increase in demand and desire for pandemic profiteering has led to employees even in warehouses with confirmed COVID-19 cases to push through physically taxing, poorly compensated, longer than usual shifts. Individual workers must touch countless packages every day, while not being granted sufficient gear and precautionary measures that could slow efficiency. Health insurance or the hazard pay they deserve is off the table. This is not only dangerous for the workers, but it could spread the virus to customers across our nation as well. 

A number of factors have given American workers the confidence to stand up for themselves. It is not easy right now for Amazon to bus in replacements, either temp workers or immigrants. The federal government’s new stimulus bill, while highly flawed and fall of corporate welfare, does provide a decent safety net to those who get laid off. The current freeze on globalism has significantly weakened the power of capital and made it vulnerable to labor resistance.

Amazon began as an online book dealer that later morphed into a multi-national monopoly with 800,000 employees. Amazon is able to retain its power by buying out competitors, subjecting workers to third world conditions and few-to-no benefits, and utilizes a number of loopholes to pay 1.2% of its $14 billion in income on federal taxes, despite the massive public infrastructure burden Amazon’s business model causes.

Whatever you think you’re saving when you shop at Amazon you end up paying for in income taxes to subsidize Jeff Bezos’ work force and infrastructure problems. Amazon workers are disproportionately more likely to need food stamps, welfare, medicaid and other social services. In Seattle, Amazon’s presence has caused massive problems with traffic and the cost of housing to double in six years, In Virginia, the opening of Amazon’s headquarters required massive projects to upgrade roads to accommodate a rush of new people.  

Bezos does not do anything of social value with the personal wealth and power he has accumulated. The unlimited selection of books that put Amazon on the map is now, after crushing competitors, being drastically limited to censor political and historic books Jewish organizations and Bezos do not want the public to be able to read. Amazon’s Smiles program is managed by anti-white and anti-working class extremists at the Southern Poverty Law Center. A new series produced by his company, “Hunters,” is pro-“antifa,” anti-white snuff porn that celebrates the grotesque and sadistic murder of German “Nazis” explicitly understood to be placeholders for ordinary white peopleThe Washington Post, a once authoritative newspaper, has been transformed into a print version of the Huffington Post under his command. 

Bezos funds open borders programs and $10 billion dollars in grants to push green austerity. This may shield him from full-throated opposition from the liberal-left, but why doesn’t he just pay his taxes and provide his workers with health care, basic labor rights, and a living wage instead? 

Instead, Amazon leads the corporate world in ruthless exploitation. Jessica Bruder’s book, Nomadland,  notes that Amazon encourages the practice of “Workamping” – poor and often older white people who are forced to move into mobile homes or to live in their car and travel across the country looking for temporary jobs just to survive. One in four people in this tragic subculture work for Amazon, which also receives a corporate tax-subsidy for employing them due to their age. The physical and repetitive nature of the high pace work takes a toll on these workers, and the book describes how Amazon has painkiller dispensaries on walls at the job site for the precariously employed laborers to use.

Now is the time for Bezos to pay. The demands put forward by the striking workers: double hazard pay, paid sick leave, and more breaks, are common sense. Consumers, frightened by the prospect of the pandemic spreading, are already pressuring their government to shut down warehouses that have had infectious outbreaks but Amazon demanded stay open.   

It is in times of crisis that we appreciate the true value of work. It’s time to compensate it, whether it’s “contractors” in the gig economy or a slave for. It is worms like Jeff Bezos whose multi-national presence and international supply chains have enabled the spread of the globalist virus and caused chronic shortages through deindustrialization. It’s time for neo-liberal plutocrats be forced to pay for the mess and misery they have caused.