FTN 388: Clout Casino Cash Me Out fash-the-nation's podcast

Episode Topics: 00:00:00 – Clout Casino Cash Me Out 00:15:00 – Pentagon Shot Greatest Hits 00:23:00 – Walker Testimony 00:30:00 – WIN95WN 00:55:00 – Backsliding Into Incoherence 01:15:00 – Tucker's QAnon Apologia 01:38:00 – BREAK 01:43:00 – Jignat Death Squads 02:00:00 – Offloading 666 02:15:00 – Orb of Anti-Semitism 02:30:00 – Israel and Russia Semitic Super Friends 02:40:00 – Khashoggi Denial Posting 02:55:00 – Israeli Pegasus Killed Khashoggi 03:05:00 – Flop for 15 03:20:00 – Stockton UBI White Pills 03:30:00 – Outro

The clout streak continues as Jazznds and James grease the skids for testimony further confirming the trap set for capitol protestors by the jignat spec ops domestic terror team installed by Trump in the waning days of his presidency. Tucker emerges as a QAnon apologist who’d rather talk about Chinese hegemony and hyperinflation, fragile tendencies stem from the perils of deferring firmware updates when you can’t let go of stale features, the six million layers of Jewish power dynamics that led to the death of fellow denier Jamal Khashoggi, Joe Manchin is once again cast as the shabbos fall goy in the flop for 15, and fresh analysis emerges from the Stockton UBI experiment that obliterates conservative cold takes on the purported merits of austerity. If it’s Sunday, it’s FTN!


Fash the Nation 384

FTN 384: Talent on Loan from Yahweh fash-the-nation's podcast

Episode Topics: 00:00:00 – Rush Tribute Montage 00:09:00 – Show Starts Here 00:30:00 – Don't Say Jewish Lobby in NYC 00:50:00 – Gloria Allred: SHUT IT DOWN 01:05:00 – Happy Meal Conservatism 01:20:00 – Oxys, Viagra, and Epstein Lawyers 01:35:00 – Really Makes Ya Fink 01:55:00 – Obscene Profit Timeout 02:08:00 – Shattering Stigmas 02:18:00 – Key Jewish Opinion Makers 02:32:00 – Prescriber Profiling 02:47:00 – Targeting Germany 02:57:00 – Blizzard People 03:25:00 – It's the Jewish Thing to Do 03:40:00 – Oxys for Kids! 03:50:00 – Sacklers Go Global 04:02:00 – Banking Queen


FTN 382: Mega Satanic Pedophile Cabals fash-the-nation's podcast

Episode Topics: 00:00:00 – Jig's Up 00:14:00 – Radical Accelerationism 00:45:00 – Greedy Jaaaash Pardon Schemes 01:03:00 – BREAK 01:07:09 – This is How We MEGA 01:35:00 – Weaponized Jewish Philanthropy 02:00:00 – Taubman's Mall Empire 02:30:00 – Wexner's Iraq War Agitprop 02:40:00 – Holohoax Gang Gang 03:00:00 – Waldheim Gay Op 03:20:00 – Outro

Jazznds and James pledge a program of complete and total amnesty along with an expedited pathway to wignatship for Trump era refugees, dig into white pills embedded in Michael Jensen’s sometimes incoherent prescriptions for combating extreeeeemists and fighting accelerating “radicalization”, and take a tour of the various Jewish clemency campaigns afoot in the waning days of Trump’s presidency. After the break, it’s a long-overdue mega nnndeep-nnndive into the Mega Group, a coterie of wealthy and influential Jews who, via an elaborate scheme of weaponized philanthropy, manage and direct an array of Jewish causes to suit their agenda while increasing and consolidating their power. If it’s Sunday, it’s FTN.

FTN – Focus: Sellout Nation

Fash the Nation: Source: https://therightstuff.biz/2019/12/28/ftn-focus-sellout-nation/

Episode Topics:

00:00:00 – Pre Hart-Celler Deep Dive
00:05:00 – The Rot of 1776
00:25:00 – Serious Country History
00:35:00 – Proto Kosher Sandwich
01:00:00 – Whom We Shall Welcome
01:14:00 – Prop 187 Rabbit Hole
01:24:00 – Suppressing Progressivism
01:34:00 – Manifest (Electoral) Destiny and the American West
01:40:00 – Better Baby
01:50:00 – We Lived in a Society
02:05:00 – Albion Dispatches
02:15:00 – Spinning Popular Sentiments
02:35:00 – Deplatforming Coughlin
02:55:00 – Big 3 Big Shift
03:12:00 – Prop 187 Driving It Home

Millenniyule 2019 – Millennial Woes

Wednesday 18th

3pmSargon of Akkad

5pmGreg Johnson

7pmJames Allsup

Thursday 19th

3pmCount Dankula

5pmThe Iconoclast

7pmJared Taylor

Friday 20th

3pmSurvive the Jive

5pmCritical Condition

7pmArtemisian Aesthetic


Saturday 21st

3pmThe Golden One



9pmJF Gariepy

Sunday 22nd

3pmThe Jolly Heretic

7pmThe Distributist


Monday 23rd

3pmThe Absolute State of Britain

5pmMark Collett

7pmOrwell & Goode

Tuesday 24th

3pmKeith Woods

5pmScandza Forum

7pmRed Ice

9pmOn the Offensive

Saturday 28th

3pmLibertas Metapolitics

7pmThe Afterparty

Monday 30th


TRS TDS #451 Conscious Nationalism

With guest James Allsup

  • Queer hhlatino Carlos Maza Triggered by Steven Crowder
  • Not starvin’ for the kosher sandwich
  • Media Gatekeeping and you
  • The Merchant Minute
  • Youtube deeply concerned about extremists discussing sexual harassment at the SPLC
  • Why woke capital won’t go broke
  • Nationalism with a social conscience