The #Journossary Rebellion – by Eric #Striker

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The story of the Janissary Corps is foul. Like the stench of an unwrapped turban.

Known for their faggoty bork, a bejeweled hat showcasing their superior status among physically similar people they were trained to target, the opportunistic Balkan slaves embraced Turkish Islam and Ottoman state ideology as a way to get back at their backward and uncouth childhood bullies in Eastern European flyover.

The Sultan indulged their greed and unbelievable sadism. In exchange, the Janissaries communicated palace grunts of the day to the enslaved whites while ruthlessly crushing those who ran amok of Istanbul’s Politically Correct orthodoxy.

But amoral strivers always end up chopping off the hands that feed them!


By the 17th century, Osman II was forced to begin controlling the Instagram-ho lifestyle of these aristocrats. Disappointing crop yields and natural disasters throughout the empire threatened to provoke a mass rebellion if the excesses of middlemen were not curtailed.

The Janissaries, outraged at the narcissistic injury, responded by strangling Osman to death in his own palace while indignantly screeching:

“Ottomancy Dies in Darkness!”

(ok, they didn’t say that)\

Scorned Journossaries

The type of ass-eating asshole (21 Ways To Eat Ass With Your Asshole, ***CLICK HERE***) who leaves their football town in Indiana to work in New York digital media gets real puckered up when the bulletproof ego encasement comes down and the mass tomato-pelting begins.

An example of this absurd entitlement is Twitter’s new impromptu policy, where you get banned for telling glorified Antifa bloggers to learn to code.

They can still tell working people bled by the vampire-squid of global capitalism and mass immigration to learn to code.

They can snarkily snipe at Midwest kids who grew up more familiar with McDonalds than al dente pasta, due to the exorbitant price of decent food and mothers forced to work under the two-income feminism they champion.

They can lecture a father who just lost his 19 year old daughter to the Jewish Oxycontin criminal conspiracy about how his “white privilege” is the real killer!

Just don’t tell the hipster Janissaries of neo-liberal reaction to get their hands dirty with the signature computer coder’s sweet chilli Dorito dust.

As a socialist and a nationalist, my first instinct upon hearing about layoffs is always to show solidarity and fight for decent work.

But when I see recently fired HuffPo diva Laura Bassett praising the troll campaign by her colleagues to try and snatch food out of Alex McNabb’s (an EMT with a spotless record) infant son’s mouth, or signal that depriving his struggling rural community of needed medical practitioners is “gettin scalps,” I’m disgusted by the banal villainy.

That’s not news, it’s abuse.

When I hear anarcho-communist LARPer Kim Kelly (now laid off despite membership in a LARP union) used her corporate platform at Vice to amplify a crusade against long-running indie metal label Elegy Records to put them out of business over a CD with a rune on it from 2003, I’m baffled at the spiritual emptiness needed to engage in this lopsided energy-vs-accomplishment ratio.

That’s not news, it’s “let-me-speak-to-your-manager-I-know-the-owner” liberal will-to-power.

Elle Reeve is also believed to be gone from Vice, despite her Peabody award for most productive government and oligarch exculpation.

Reeve was instrumental in inventing the materially unfounded claim that the clashes in Charlottesville were between the Marvel Avengers (communist and anarchist groups that start violence everywhere they go) and the Nazis from Uwe Boll’s Auschwitz.

This easy to digest hipster photography project helped craft a bogus narrative eagerly embraced by the powerful, as it was effective in taking the public eye off the main culprits cited by the Heaphy Report: the crooked Jewish mayor and the cops who engineered the violence on purpose!

An innocent man, Chris Cantwell, lost a year of his life thanks to selective editing that jacketed him as a guilty man. He was made susceptible to a phony criminal accusation.

Members of Antifa, who reacted to the ascendent nationalist force by running into the arms of Mitt Romney and Gary Cohn, protected the police and politicians by riding this bullshit all the way. Good men were convicted in show trials that will be looked back on as what they were: over the top political reprisals.

Everywhere you look, Millennial journossaries speak lies to the powerless.

While many of these people style themselves as DSA radicals and anarchists, their silence shows consent.

As we speak, the US military is dangerously close to pulling the trigger on Venezuela.

Such an intervention would lead to the deaths of thousands of brown people, and spark a major refugee crisis slated to displace millions. No alt-right podcaster or blogger subjected to social media harassment campaigns has ever committed a crime of such magnitude.

In fact, you’re far more likely to find “Nazis” vocally opposed to another war than anyone at Huffington Post, Buzzfeed or Vice.

Recently fellow white and Vice TV executive producer Bill Maher lambasted Ann Coulter for her anti-war stance. He referred to Zionist Jew Elliot Abrams’ plan for massacring Venezuelans over an election outcome he doesn’t like as “patriotism.”

Just recently, every professional outrage-artist (including some of the “journalists” named above) was flown or bussed in to Stone Mountain Georgia to pray the SJW rose-emoji anal-beads and Ghost-bust General Lee’s haunted rock.

They had a heavily armed, masked paramilitary marchthrough the town center that, as a side note, ought to be seen as a huge political escalation towards Civil War II.

The numbers and energy could easily be used for a Washington anti-war rally, against BLUMPF if they need a galvanizing boogeyman. Such a demonstration could save thousands from senseless carnage, or at least show popular disapproval on the world stage.

With elections nearing, Democrats cheerleading the Trump administration here could be persuaded by their growing communist and anarchist constituents to at least temporarily back off.

But the unrepentant victims don’t really believe in anything.

These are social climbers, finks, carrying water for the Jewish plutocrats in charge of Buzzfeed (Smith and Peretti) and paying to play at Vice (A&E and Disney).

But like Osman II, it looks like the media robber barons are trying to pull back on the counter-productive excesses and wasted money of their decadent servants.

As I observe blue check chatter, I’m seeing a lot of upset and disgruntled employees.They recently grew self-aware of their potential after forcing PTOs out of the “woke” cheapskate (((Jonah Peretti))).

Will the modern day equivalent of regicide, #MeToos and leaks of blackface yearbook photos, begin when the initial surprise wears off?

Hard to tell. The original Janissaries rebelled multiple times before gaining the confidence to kill their master. Let’s see if the $10 million Jeff Bezos would rather spend on a Super Bowl ad over hiring the laid off anarchist bloggers and spammers provokes them.

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