White People Awake – Joseph Jordan @ NJP – STRIKER!

Opinion: US v. America

Eric StrikerMar 20, 2021 Another respected veteran, now labeled a domestic terrorist, has been caught in the FBI’s “1/6” dragnet — the largest criminal investigation in the history of the Justice Department.  Jeffrey McKellop, a former Green Beret, gave 22 years… Read More

The People’s Square – Augustus Invictus Returns – w/ Striker and Borzoi

Prominent Left Wing Columnist Fired By The Guardian For Tweet Criticizing Israel – National Justice Socialist writer Nathan J. Robinson, a fixture in the Bernie Sanders movement, has been fired from his job at the “progressive” newspaper The Guardian after authoring tweets criticizing Congress for prioritizing military aid to Israel over COVID… Read More

Diversity and the Death of Labor – National Justice/Eric Striker

Source: Bombshell leaked emails showing that Amazon strikebreakers uses racial diversity to ensure workers at Whole Foods never unionize only confirms taboo research showing that multiculturalism destroys civic cohesion and engagement of all kinds.  Unionized workers — and their… Read More