The U.S Occupation in Iraq by Dr. Dahlia Wasfi

Excellent commentary

The Flying Olives

Dr. Dahlia Wasfi is an American-Iraqi physician and peace activist, who actively speaks out against the impact of war – both on the environment and the civilian population’s quality of life.


The largest and most expensive embassy in the world today is the United States embassy in Baghdad. At 104 acres – nearly as large as Vatican City – it had cost a staggering amount of US$750 million to construct.

Six of the 1000 employees who work inside of the embassy’s Green Zone can speak Arabic – the language of the country where the American government is now at war with and occupying; a symbol of the utter contempt America has for the Iraqi people they are occupying.


When we think of the world’s worst atrocities of when global mourning demands #NeverAgain, the Ashkenazi Jews who had fled their homeland of Austria during…

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