America’s ‘Great Leap Forward’ Into Socialism – by Patrick Buchanan

This weekend, a bipartisan group of senators crafted a $1 trillion measure to repair and expand the nation’s roads, bridges, ports, airports and broadband. Last week, this trillion-dollar inf…

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“Trump Slump”: Waning Liberal Outrage Is Killing Antifa – NATIONAL-JUSTICE

By Eric Striker

The “Trump bump” of liberal outrage that helped propel psycopaths and sadists to positions of cultural authority following the shock 2016 election result is in a free fall. Yesterday, Buzzfeed-owned HuffPost announced that it would be laying off 47 in-house bloggers, a digital media massacre that may be a harbinger of wider industry trends.One of those terminated, Luke O’Brien, made a name for himself over the years for using his press credentials to terrorize entire families, including getting them fired and inundated with death threats, over online political disagreements.O’Brien’s behavior, enabled by former Editor-In-Chief Lydia Polgreen (who saw the writing on the wall and left HuffPost in March 2020), even led to a New York Times chastisement after he made the mistake of subjecting a wealthy Jewish family to his abusive practices. O’Brien openly and proudly flaunts his high status in Antifa circles, credentials typically earned by engaging in low-life behavior. His social media profiles are loaded with the amplification of violent left-wing extremists, which in the long term is bound to make him unhireable in more professional outlets. The HuffPost staff is by no means the only casualty this week. The Intercept, a once respected publication that brought us the Edward Snowden leaks, is in dire financial straits according to a recent email appealing to the public for funds. The online magazine lost its star and co-founder Glenn Greenwald to Substack in October 2020 due to the stifling nature of his editors and colleagues. The Intercept in recent years made a decision to depart from its traditional editorial line, which focused on criticizing and exposing government abuses, in order to chase shallow liberal identity politics and engage in generic Democratic Party partisanship. After the inauguration of Joe Biden, the wealthy donors they calibrated their message to attract suddenly stopped writing checks.Also this week, Antifa doxer Jamie Peck appears to have been booted from Sam Seder’s Majority Report. Seder, who is Jewish, is an MSNBC liberal that in 2017 sought to integrate violent communists and anarchists like Peck into his network to help build a post-Charlottesville anti-white “resistance.” Now in the Biden-era, Seder has made a decision to dispose of the mentally unstable and drug-addled Peck and replace her with the younger and more docile “Young Turks” DNC loyalist, Emma Vigeland. Many were surprised when transvestite “Antifa” celebrity Emily Gorcenski released a letter on Sunday announcing its retirement from militant anti-white activities. Gorcenski, who enjoyed 15 minutes of fame after Charlottesville, has seen its online engagement decline steadily over the years. According to its farewell statement, Gorcenski has suffered significant personal financial and mental strain and a low return on their time invested, ultimately coming to the realization that being a full time “Antifa” troll just isn’t worth it when all is said and done. Aside from rich liberals getting bored with outrage clickbait, a number of other developments have put pressure on the Antifa/”SJW” industry. The popular patronage site Substack has allowed anti-woke leftist personalities that identity politics inquisitors thought they had canceled like Freddie DeBoer, Matt Taibbi, Michael Tracey and Glenn Greenwald to operate free of ideological commissars, billionaire donors and corporate sponsors. There is nothing stopping the 47 laid off HuffPost journalists or the staff at the Intercept from opening up their own Substacks, but the problem is ordinary people don’t feel their opinions and “reporting” on who made a racist joke when they were in middle school is worth anything.Also contributing to their crisis is that energy is leaving the intellectually oppressive environments of Twitter — where “SJWs” and “Antifa” are given an artificial advantage by CEOs and NGOs — for alternative apps like Clubhouse and Telegram that, while imperfect, tolerate a wider range of ideas and debate. Last but not least, the biggest pushback against the “Judeo-Left” is coming from other leftists themselve. Alexander Reid Ross and Shane Burley, two Jewish men who are some of the American Antifa movement’s most prominent ideologues, have been collaborating with the Zionist/neo-conservative Daily Beast to accuse socialists that are anti-war, anti-Israel or do not fear talking to people on the right of being National Bolsheviks and Third Positionists. Their article attacking various sensible figures such as Norman Finkelstein for writing for or Jimmy Dore for going on Tucker Carlson was widely panned, while Burley is now routinely humiliated and mocked by his own side. It is hard to see whether this is the end of the inquisition or if the “Antifa” gatekeepers have simply become obsolete. If Merrick Garland and Kristen Clarke are confirmed, the FBI and Department of Justice will have finished morphing into bonafide instruments of open, unconstitutional anti-white tyranny (a process that began under Trump).Regardless of what comes next, innocent people on both the left and right who have had their lives destroyed by cruel and nasty sociopaths can enjoy a bit of schadenfreude.

Figures on Left and Right Come Out in Support of Unpopular Anti-Iran Antagonism – Eric Striker


A number of figures in the alt-media and extreme-left movement have surprised their audiences by rationalizing the Trump administration’s Israeli-directed push towards war with Iran. 

The consensus between high profile voices on the Zionist “far-right” and anarcho-neocon “far-left” in America and Britain reflect the party line in Israel, where even Amir Peretz of the ostensibly left-wing “opposition” Labor party hailed the Pentagon’s decision to assassinate Maj. General Qassem Soleimani by luring him to Iraq under the false pretense of peace negotiations. 

Spencer Sunshine, a self-proclaimed anarchist and prominent voice in the American “antifa” scene who has been accused of Zionist entryism in the past, took to twitter to reiterate Sean Hannity’s script on the killing: that the Iranians brought it upon themselves by “antagonizing” America and “meddling” in Iraq. It speaks to the state of the modern coopted left that somebody like Sunshine can express the Israeli government’s line and still survive the scrutiny of his peers. Sunshine is very suspicious of anti-war sentiment due to the fact that Jews like Sheldon Adelson and Jared Kushner are responsible for our over-the-top Iran policy. He has spent much of his career fighting what he calls “left-wing anti-Semitism” (principled anti-Zionism).

Caroline Orr, another fanatical Jewish supporter of “antifa,” chastised “fellow” leftists for ignoring Soleimani’s supposed “slaughter” of Syrians during the fight to save the country from ISIS. After some pushback, Orr is backpedaling, but her initial approval shows the Jewish nexus between the virulent anti-white forces on the left and the appetite for war against Iran on the so-called right. She also has made a name for herself for promoting fake news about “Russiagate” and attacking anti-war presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard.

While a branch of the left led by “tankies” (Workers World Party and Revolutionary Communist Party) behind the ANSWER coalition are adamantly against imperialism, many anarchists and “democratic socialists” support the CIA-led protest groups we have seen in recent months in Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, which have largely subsided but were intended to purge pro-Iran political factions. These groups are meant to incite a civil war, so these left-wing voices basically support regime change as well, just not by a full US ground invasion.   

The ANSWER coalition’s anti-war protests that erupted across America were small, showing that the left is not passionate about opposing this conflict. Figures like AOC and high ranking advisors in the Bernie Sanders campaign all attended the Zionist Dov Hikind’s march against black “anti-Semitism” yesterday, but not any of the anti-war rallies. 

On the other side of the coin, Anne Marie Waters of the “For Britain” group has fully embraced an invasion of Iran. Waters, a remnant of the largely Jewish funded “counter-jihad” movement, does not bother to articulate what the West stands to gain from such a conflict. Her only argument is a neo-liberal desire to impose gay plutocracy on the unwilling Iranians so that Israel can safely continue its expansionist foreign policy. 

Mike Cernovich, who made a name for himself in 2016 in part for his non-interventionist views on Syria, has been  reduced to an Iraq-war era Toby Keith style jingo. He got so much pushback that he too was forced to “clarify” his opposition to war overnight.  

Alex Jones of InfoWars has released a new conspiracy theory claiming that the Jews who control Donald Trump’s government had to set off a chain-reaction that will lead to a regional conflagration in order to prevent World War III. According to Jones, the Obama administration is responsible for tensions with Iran by engaging with diplomacy with the country instead of attacking it. His audience isn’t buying it. Over half of the reactions on his Bitchute video on the topic are negative. 

Nick Fuentes of the Youtube show “America First” has also come under fire for recent statements on Telegram. While he prefaces his statements by saying he technically opposes a full war with Iran, he followed this by cheerleading threats by Zionists in Washington to bomb ancient Persian cultural sites, calls Iran a “degenerate Muslim shithole,” celebrates “America bullying ppl and throwing around missiles”, and comes to the defense of the “American-led” globalist military order, which Trump himself repeatedly criticized throughout his life and, as Tucker Carlson has said, won the presidency in large part by running against it.

The mealy-mouthed Charlie Kirk of TPUSA, a libertarian-Zionist think-tank Trump has recently adopted to engage in outreach for his 2020 campaign, tepidly approved of Washington’s hit on Soleimani, but has also come out in support of full military withdrawal from Iraq.  

Any military entanglement with Iran polls very poorly in America. 

The latest  opinion research finds that almost 70% of Americans believe heightened tensions with Iran are entirely the fault of the Trump administration. Even after Trump and Mike Pompeo accused Iran of attacking the oil fields of “ally” Saudi Arabia on September 14th, 75% of Americans responded that a war with Iran was completely unwarranted. 

While a vocal minority of people are eager to see explosions and dead Arabs at any cost, the majority of Americans understand that a war with Iran will not be like Afghanistan or Iraq. Public support is also not anywhere near where it was for invading Afghanistan and Iraq. Such a conflict will be felt at home, either through Iranian sleeper cells attacking US targets, large numbers of dead American soldiers in the Middle East, or exploding food and gas prices. The argument that killing Soleimani has made Americans safer was widely mocked after the State Department put out a subsequent statement  telling US citizens to get out of Iraq immediately. 

White workers have no stake in this Israeli-dictated war. The current failure of the left and right to hold a full-throated line against the coming catastrophe is why a third position is needed now more than ever

National Justice: Bipartisan “Farm Workforce Modernization Act” Will Amnesty Millions and Bring Back Indentured Servitude


by Eric Striker

Every year for the past decade, the $100 million dollar agribusiness lobby has gotten an amnesty bill on the Congressional agenda.

In a nation governed by reason, they would use this money to attract American workers with higher pay and benefits or develop new technology to do the farm work. Instead, they would rather cheat and cut corners by bribing politicians into passing the H.R. 5038 monstrosity, which both Democrats and Republicans in the House of Representatives happily did.  

While neo-liberal “experts” like to claim amnesty is widely popular, House members approving this law decided to mask their stink. They were able to avoid personal accountability by utilizing a “voice vote.” This piece of legislation will get to the Senate as early as Spring 2020. 

Some of the major “reforms” in this bill would outrage most Americans, but the broad swath of conservative media appears to be ignoring it outside of Tucker Carlson. An op-ed on Fox News by Ali Noori declared this amnesty a “Christmas miracle” and an “economic stimulus” for regions centered around agricultural production. Norman Adams, editor of a website called “Texas GOP Vote,” wrote an attack on Tucker Carlson’s critical segment for “misrepresenting” the bill, claiming that in fact more than 3/4 of Americans love mass immigration as long as they pay a fine and it’s made “legal” post-hoc.  

But if the state of California, represented by the bill’s main sponsor Zoe Lofgren, is any clue, all it will do is export her home’s “Elysium” style two-tiered society of billionaires overseeing a third world plantation to the white majority Pacific Northwest and Idaho. Where will middle class people flee to then?  

Reagan Amnesty Redux 

Millions of supposed agricultural workers were amnestied by the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. None of the punitive aspects of the bill were ever enforced. 

Furthermore, the “cheap farm labor Americans don’t want to do” logic did not play out as expected either. The old trope applies to illegal immigrants as well: most of the recipients of 1986 amnesty green cards quit farm work and went off to compete with middle class Americans in building, manufacturing, and trucking/distribution. The standard of proof for receiving the benefits of this bill were also low, with anyone claiming to have ever worked on a farm getting in.

H.R. 5038 keeps all the bad parts of the original Reagan amnesty, but adds some new shocking caveats. The Democrats who voted overwhelmingly for this bill like to sell themselves as protectors of brown people and the poor, but the law anticipates mass post-green card turnover by mandating that farm workers spend an additional four years toiling in fields before qualifying for legalization.

In other words, the bill modernizes nothing. It keeps American agriculture stuck in the 18th century with 21st century indentured servitude, all while advanced nations like Japan and Norway use robots to pick their fruits and vegetables at a far more efficient rate than human hands.

Additionally, the bill will raise the visa ceiling for jobs in landscaping, hospitality, janitors, etc., jobs many Americans currently do and shouldn’t have to compete for, that have nothing to do with agricultural production. 

The law was hardly debated in the House, aside from criticism by Representative Doug Collins. He pointed out that illegal aliens who have skipped deportation hearings, have engaged in Social Security fraud, and have DUI convictions can all be granted legal status. Additionally, public money will be set aside to provide illegal aliens with lawyers to straighten out their paper work.  

How Many Do They Need? 

According to some estimates, there are 2.5 million illegal aliens working in American agriculture. All of them and their families will be granted amnesty under this bill, but history suggests that America’s big farmers and dairymen will be back demanding more as soon as the law is put in place. 

Agribusiness is already highly privileged, thanks to generous government subsidies and a “guest worker” system where many of the guests end up staying permanently. A debate is needed as to why this industry, flush with public money, feels entitled to import the entire male population of rural Mexico instead of compensating Americans for what the work actually costs. 

Even the one crumb of immigration enforcement the GOP supporters of this bill are touting, mandatory e-verify, will only apply to agricultural work. The workers that do get turned away for farm jobs will simply occupy positions in unregulated sectors (which, after this bill, is all the others). 

It is important that this bill go to the Senate before the 2020 election, so that the GOP votes it down or Trump vetoes it. 
The irony of Democrats importing slaves for ruthless feudalistic exploitation and Republicans bringing in their future electoral rivals is not lost on them. They prefer personal enrichment over any principle of justice or nationalism. 

From National Justice – New Sheriff in Town by Eric Striker


Last month, Michael White was acquitted of voluntary manslaughter in the stabbing of Sean Schellenger.

White, who is black, approached and began challenging the 37-year-old white man while he was engaged in a traffic dispute with an unrelated driver in Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square.

Witnesses said White and Schellenger both squared up for a fist fight, only for White to pull out a knife and stab the unarmed man in the back with a 12 inch knife. Schellenger died.  

The incident was caught on tape, which police used as evidence to charge White with first degree murder.  

However, when the races of the two men became public, anti-white activists began a social media campaign claiming White used his weapon in self-defense before any of the facts in the case had come out. It’s worth noting that Pennsylvania is not a Stand-Your-Ground state.  

The District Attorney, a Jewish lawyer named Larry Krasner, then dropped the charges multiple times until arriving at voluntary manslaughter, which put White’s predictable defense on a silver platter.

Nobody disputed that White had killed Schellenger with an illegal knife, but instead that the dead victim was “racist,” so he deserved it. None of the multiple witnesses at the scene ever substantiated White’s claim that Schellenger racially abused him.

His defense team made it up so that black jurors would hang the verdict. When proving intent to kill under this specific statute eluded the prosecution, he was acquitted. 

Larry Krasner is accused of throwing the case.  

The George Soros Prosecutor 

Krasner, who once joked that he was too extreme to ever be elected chief prosecutor even in a deep blue city, won the DA’s race in Philadelphia in 2017 by outspending all of his opponents by large amounts of money.

Krasner dedicated almost $2 million dollars to this small race. He campaigned against white privilege and “institutional racism,” with a plan to legalize a whole multitude of quality of life offenses like defecating in the street, shoplifting and doing drugs in public,as well as reducing the prison population, which he claims is large due to hate and bigotry.

On his own, Krasner would’ve only had a few hundred thousand dollars raised for his long shot, Shaun King endorsed campaign. That is, until George Soros cut him a $1.7 million dollar check in a stunning act of plutocratic intervention. 

Large multicultural cities are known for having extremely low voter turnout in local races, and Krasner capitalized on this. With 59,363 votes in the Democratic Primary (the only election that matters in Philly), he became the top cop in a city of 1.6 million. 

In his first week in office, Krasner fired 31 prosecutors in his department that he deemed too apolitical.

Other reforms were made, such as punishing criminals with the most minimum statute possible, discouraging probation, decriminalizing prostitution and most drugs, and even encouraging gun crimes be taken to a court-diversionary program (ARD).

Soros spends millions every year lobbying to  take guns from law-abiding white people, but when black criminals are caught carrying firearms, his minions make them take a class. 

Jewish media allies of Soros and Krasner have praised these changes. Their claim is that critics and victim’s rights groups are merely racists who are ignoring that crime overall is going down.

What’s missing from their fake data is simple: police aren’t bothering to register because Krasner’s office won’t prosecute them. 

But you can’t lie about dead bodies. In Krasner’s first year, the homicide rate shot up  12% in one of the deadliest years on record for a city with an already high murder rate. 

In 2019, the homicide rate continues to climb. This year is on track to become the deadliest Philadelphia has seen in more than a decade. 

While blacks have been handed carte blanche to murder white people, they don’t have any protection from other blacks in Soros’ anarcho-tyrannical dystopia. 

In just the last month, scores of children have been shot to death or critically injured, all of them black and most under the age of 10. Krasner and his activist lawyer team have been busy trying to vacate the death penalty for a man convicted of murdering an infant for fun after killing its parents, making no legal arguments or presenting any evidence other than they don’t want to punish him. 

All of this is predictable when you look at the DA’s office’s philosophy on prosecuting black gang members. One beneficiary of Krasner’s reforms, Ma’alik Jackson-Wallace, was arrested twice in a short time span for having an illegally concealed gun, yet given ARD-probation and then released on unsecured bail, since bail bonds are being phased out. By his 3rd strike a few months later, Jackson-Wallace finally shot a man to death at 10:30 in the morning.  

A Virus Sweeping the Nation 

Soros’ money has been corrupting the criminal justice system in other big cities as well, and more is to come. His agenda is to put mostly Jews and non-white women with a track record of anti-white hostility in charge of who goes to jail and who doesn’t. 

Chicago DA Kim Foxx, famous for dropping all charges against Jussie Smollett in an act of corruption that shocked everyone, received $408,000 from Soros’ PAC in her race. Foxx’s re-election effort is being massively bankrolled by Jewry, with Fred Eyechaner giving her $811,000, Michael Sacks pitching in $212,250 and Michael Rubin contributing $105,800 – they seem to like what she’s doing. 

In Orlando, Soros poured $1.4 million dollars into getting Aramis Ayala elected as prosecutor in a low-budget race. Ayala’s sole interest was to decriminalize quality of life crimes, equalize black and white crime rates, and protest Florida’s death penalty law, which is not the job of a prosecutor. After being slapped down by the Florida Supreme Court, Ayala  will not run for re-election. 

Earlier this month in Virginia, Soros spent millions to guarantee victories for four different prosecutors subscribed to his neo-liberal agenda. None of their opponents, including incumbents, were able to compete with this money imbalance. These candidates are so extreme their fellow Democrats defeated in primaries endorsed Republicans. In one case, Steve Descano unseated incumbent Ray Morrogh in the primaries using the $400,000 Soros gave him. Morrogh, who only had $250,000 for his campaign (with no donation exceeding $10,000), is now begging voters to elect GOP candidate Jonathan Fahey due to the crime wave that will follow if they don’t.  

Even in small cities, the violent cesspool of Rochester, Soros is spending big. The courts in Monroe County are already very soft on crime, despite having a Republican District Attorney. In 2016, a black man who killed 3 children in a mass shooting at a Boys and Girls Club beat his case after someone accused one of the prosecutors of being racist. The perpetrator, Jalen Everett, even has a  rap song bragging about it. 

In Rochester, Soros thought he found a pothole. An obese black woman with no experience got $800,000 from Soros to defeat the GOP incumbent Sandra Doorley. Doorley wisely refused to take her ridiculous opponent seriously and made the whole race about Soros’ dirty money. This helped her whip together enough of the white vote to win a third term. 

Soros of course is not the only Jew looking to turn white victims of crime into guilty racists and drive normal people out of cities by engineering a high crime rate. There are other figures pursuing this agenda, such as Dustin Moskovitz’s funding of Shaun King’s “Real Justice PAC,” focusing on buying races in Texas. 

Trump himself is a guilty party in the new system that swaps violent criminals out of prison and replaces them with political dissidents. The president campaigned on law and order, but instead signed the First Step Act written by his son-in-law Jared Kushner. This is one of the president’s few legislative achievements, but he refuses to campaign on it. 

A number of wealthy and powerful people are coalescing to create a system where a black man can kill a white person, argue that said white person said the “N-word,” and get off scott free. This tactic is already seeping into various parts of the culture. Football player Myles Garrett recently tried to appeal his suspension for beating quarterback Mason Rudolph in the head with his helmet by  claiming Rudolph is racist.

The Africanization of major industrial zones (except places where Jews live and own property, like New York) is what Wall Street wants, and in America, they get what they want.  

This is the missing piece on Colin Flaherty’s black crime puzzle.