Under the Cover of Covid, CVS, other PBM’s snuff out small drugstores.


At the end of November (2020) I received a letter that my indie (since 2013) is suddenly off my PBM’s Aetna/CVS/Caremark/Silverscript cost sharing network.
It costs me 2 hundred a month more to shop at my indie than use Aetna/CVS. I called customer service to see if they network with any other pharmacies, but guess what????

Suddenly, NO INDIE PHARMACIES are covered ‘in my area,’ Melissa in the grievance department said. This was last week.

I don’t know what’s going on exactly but have lodged 3 formal complaints regarding the big PBM, under the cover of COVID-19, getting away with this when no ones’ paying attention to these monopolies. And pharmacists can’t really speak up because there are gag rules and retaliation. Wrote a Miami Herald article “System Rigged” and did a youtube video, am working on a series. Any views, likes or comments would help me get message out…

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