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Mike Enoch and Alex McNabb discuss Marvel comics rise to riches via poZ, Adderall and the general day to day fuckery of life in the neo-liberal, debt-laden, borderless, raceless, consumerist, capitalist multicultural hellscape…

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Superficial Post-Modernism

By Alex McNabb

As the slider continues to move from ClownWorld to PissEarth, we’re treated to the continuing spectacle of transgender incoherence. One recent theme is addressing how your lack of attraction to chicks-with-dicks signals a profound lack of personal evolution on YOUR part. I hope this article is entirely superfluous since the disgust reflex on most people is robust enough to withstand what is clearly a form of psychological warfare and demoralization, but I feel the topic is worth a “deeper dive” to explore the nefariously superficial intellectualism being weaponized by these “gender nonconformers” since it expands so far beyond this subject.

Riley J. Dennis (a lesbian transwoman) posted a video explaining how your implicit biases are shaped by social constructs built before you were born and that participating in this paradigm is “harmful”. There’s a lot to unpack here, but before we begin deconstructive surgery lets look at how the rest of the clowns are dancing around in this gender circus. Uncanny Valley award winner Blaire White and millennial dyke Arielle Scarcella’s response video clapped-back that weird dudes trying to pull a fast one by insisting that lesbians hop on their feminine penis was an obvious routine that didn’t fool anyone. The basic bitch rebuttal was that your preferences were your prerogative and if you want a “biological female” that doesn’t have a swingin’ dick between “her” legs, that’s just your own business.

Now that’s a libertarian argument and it misses the mark completely.

Vice simply snarked at the response of “TERFs”and doubled down on the gospel transgender psuedo-intellectualism was preaching since the underlying premises themselves were never challenged. We can do a lot better than that. We’re just a touch more well read with a little more sophistication in our analysis.

It do be like that.

First of all, the post-modern interrogation of how societal processes and cultural history inform your “implicit biases” is itself Begging The Question. Why do my biases need to be interrogated? A lot of post-modernist thought is about examining how power relations and not truth create beliefs, so let’s flip this question back on the one asking it. Who benefits from applying this culture of critiqueto existing normative preferences? Why is it that I’m expected to deconstruct a set of preferences simply because they have historical continuity? On a meta level, if I’m expected to discard this set of “implicit biases”, pray tell, exactly how should I arrive at a more “informed” point of view and who’s gonna do the informing? What objective standard should I be utilizing to determine who and what I’m attracted to? Finally the implication that the poor oppressed gender-non conforming individuals are “harmed” by me wanting a biological woman is both speciously vague and raises the question of why I should even care. Maybe I don’t give a fuck about some gender-queer’s mental anguish over my aversion to them.

Since mentally unstable trannies fueled by Kevin McDonald’s favorite strain of pseudo-intellectualism aren’t gonna answer those questions, let me take a crack at them.

The point of trying to browbeat you into moving beyond your “implicit biases” is so that one tiny, microscopic part of the population can have unfettered access to relationships with individuals who do not desire or consent to being involved with dick-girls. Your natural preferences have to be erased so that trannies are free to indulge their own whims and desires. The implication is that having a wish to marry a biological woman with whom you can produce offspring is somehow “oppressive”, and intentional or not the consequence of that premise is a breakdown of the basic building blocks of a functional society. A stable family with both partners present and a high investment parenting style simply “works” and anyone wanting to deconstruct it had better be willing to make some powerful arguments for a better alternative. Moreover, trannies DO have institutional power and if anyone is being “harmed” it’s the guy that loses his job for “misgendering” one of them. Cut the bullshit here, these slave moralist arguments about how the poor oppressed tranny is being “hurt” is just a con job to make you feel bad enough to sleep with a dick-girl. If anything, being a transtrender is a great way to accrue social privileges no one else has access to. Think of it as a “pay to win” feature that lets you auto-kill certain enemies.

In closing, when I write these articles about the transgender clown circus, I secretly hope that in the future, someone mocks me for ever taking an interest in such a bizarre excess of a certain American Weimar period. I want to live in a society where these topics are laughable historical curiosities, a place where we have definitively answered “The Tranny Question” and can live our lives in a blissful absence of this tedious, intellectually dishonest bullshit.

I’m not optimistic though, grab that fence and hope for the bombs to fall because PissEarth 2025 is coming soon.

#CNN Cheers On War – Red Baits President #Trump – Jimmy Dore

Jimmy Dore is #Nazbol. He is a proper, classical liberal. Antiwar/Pro Workers/Pro Freedom of Speech.

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