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Weibo Deactivates Major Bitcoin Trading Platforms in China

By Global Times Published: Mar 11, 2021 05:58 PM The Weibo accounts of three major Bitcoin trading exchanges, Huobi, OKEx and Binance were deactivated on Thursday, triggering concerns over tightening regulation on cryptocurrency in China.  On Thursday, the… Read More

New by Brendon O’Connell II on YouTube

This was plainly obvious 5 years ago and we told you over and over. I worked it out December 2016 and felt ashamed at my stupidity. It seems internet land has some slow learners. Alternatively, they have just… Read More

The United Nations and the Modern Globalist Organizations

From my Instagram. I don’t use it much lately, my original Instagram earned over 2,000 subscribers with active engagement but I posted a Black Sun Wheel more than once and they banned me. Infact, this was the actual… Read More

The End of World Order and American Foreign Policy – by the Council on Foreign Relations May 2020

The following document was issued by the Council on Foreign Relations in May 2020: The CFR is the upper echelon of the globalist organizations (as you will see members of the CFR are on the Board of Directors… Read More