Pentagon Aims to Partner With ADL And SPLC, Spy On Military Members For ‘Extremism’

The Pentagon under Biden-appointed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is working to partner with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League and spy on membe. Source: Pentagon Aims to Partner With ADL And SPLC, Spy On Military… Read More

TDS – 725 #TRS

What Does Freedom of Speech Actually Mean?

There’s been a lot of talk over the last while about freedom of speech, with some people feeling that their freedom of speech, or freedom of speech in general, is being limited. I thought I’d chime in on… Read More

Poll: Big Tech’s Public Image Has Severely Deteriorated — Occidental Dissent

I’ve already stated my view of Big Tech. Destroying Big Tech is now our top priority. The Hill: “Americans’ perceptions of big tech companies have steadily deteriorated over the past 18 months as titans like Facebook, Twitter and… Read More

Industrial Zionism – Video from Brendon O’Connell

Brendon O’Connell has his finger on the pulse of the connections between Zionism, the Greater Israel Project, U.S. political theatre, the UN’s Agenda 2030, the Great Reset, Big Data/Artificial Intelligence/Deep Machine Learning and it’s looming surveillance capabilities, censorship… Read More