There is a shared concept, Axis Mundo, within mythology studies, that detail something that sits at the center of the world and acts as a point of contact between different levels of the universe. This is a supreme being at the origin of the secret knowledge, of nature.

Comparative mythologies share the concept of four cycles of the ages. The Golden, Silver, Bronze and Iron Ages. These occur in Greek mythology and correspond within Celtic and Norse mythology – as well as the Hindu teachings:

  • Golden Age: first was the Golden age where people lived in peace and harmony with the nature.
  • Silver Age: prevailed and when Zeus broke the Eternal spring into three different periods of Spring, Summer and Winter and paradise was broken.
  • Bronze Age: Next was the Bronze age where people became warlike and inclined to arms.
  • Iron Age: this is the time when malignant great evil prevailed, where people became corrupt and selfish. Modesty, truth and faith are gone, replaced by deceit, fraud, violence and lust for personal gain. The path of an individual human being became unknown and without any true purpose. Mankind is completely out of synchronization with the Earth. Gold and iron ore are extracted from the Earth. Sowing the seeds for war. (the Kali Yuga, in Hindu. We are in this dimension of time, right now, 2021).

If there is any doubt we are in an age of treachery, take a look at the scourge of usury, degeneracy, the opiate epidemic, false narratives in place of journalistic integrity. Forever virus, forever wars, the destruction and demonization of the glory that is Western Civilization, the consolidation of wealth, the forever moving goalposts of “isms”, the hoops and ladders one must jump thru to get proper medical care, Globohomo-hoodwinking, the domestic extremist label, the Agenda 2030, derivatives trading, the elimination of privacy, the surveillance apparatus, the censorship, corruption reigns supreme in all corners…we are in the age of the Kali Yuga.