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This was plainly obvious 5 years ago and we told you over and over. I worked it out December 2016 and felt ashamed at my stupidity. It seems internet land has some slow learners. Alternatively, they have just… Read More

Figures on Left and Right Come Out in Support of Unpopular Anti-Iran Antagonism – Eric Striker

Source: A number of figures in the alt-media and extreme-left movement have surprised their audiences by rationalizing the Trump administration’s Israeli-directed push towards war with Iran.  The consensus between high profile voices on the Zionist “far-right” and anarcho-neocon “far-left”… Read More

Alex Jones Cuts WWE Style Promo To President Trump On Tech Censorship

#AlexJones Trolls the world w/ #JoeRogan – styxhexenhammer666 #styx

#AlexJones Declares War On Joe #Rogan” – #infowars