The Disconnect Between the Medical Community and the Criminal Justice System in America

The medical community relegates addiction/alcoholism as a bona fide medical disease.

A Disease is when an organ, or group of organs, have become corrupted and manifest symptoms

Privatized county jails at any given time are filled with mostly “pre-trial detainees”. Since I have had some experience in this shit storm of a system, when it comes to being on supervised probation (which includes random drug screens, portable breathalyzer machines, etc) – so many on supervised probation were involved with a “crime” that hadn’t anything to do with drugs or alcohol. Larceny, petty Larceny , wreck less driving (no DUI)…

So the dude that stole a chainsaw from Home Depot may actually have a tendency to abuse alcohol. Alcoholic tendencies. Alcoholism.

The medical community states it’s a Disease? Well according to this rhetoric, if you have tuberculosis and it flares up – the criminal justice system calls this a probation violation. And from there you sit in jail, until your day in court.

The criminal justice system is a big operation. Medicine (whatever this means in the age of the bad batch of bats that came down from Wuhan China and triggered the adaptation of full-blown Globohomogayplex…)


Addiction is a Condition, Not a Disease

Addiction is classified as a behavioral health concern. It stems from psychology. Psychology not the study of the brain. Psychology is the study of the mind. The mind is an abstract. Addiction is a condition of the mind. It is the corruption of the ability to make sound decisions when the inevitable consequences are known in advance.