The Poisonous Spread of “Democracy” in the age of the newly defangled NEW WORLD ORDER – and the rising from the ashes of a New World Order once again.

The NWO as seen in 1990 died in 2020. The idea of a New World Order we lost alot, and worse here in America complete loss of trust in any government/media/bullshit narrative: • The sensational attack on Iraq… Read More

Dr. Michael Scheuer clip from May 2018 –

The conservative host is at least not cucking to Zionism, but ignore him. Just listen to Scheuer #CIA #AIPAC #ADL #LOBBY

#AIPAC’s Open Secret, Exposed by Ilhan #Omar – #SyrianGirl

The Lobby USA – Episode 2 – Managing Elites

#AIPAC Proves It’s Power in #America

Apologizing for “Anti-Semitism” – #AIPAC’s Control Over Politics w/ Adam Green” on YouTube

MUST WATCH!!! #AIPAC & #AntiBDS EXPOSED by UNDERCOVER Footage” – #knowmorenews