Pentagon Aims to Partner With ADL And SPLC, Spy On Military Members For ‘Extremism’

The Pentagon under Biden-appointed Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin is working to partner with the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League and spy on membe. Source: Pentagon Aims to Partner With ADL And SPLC, Spy On Military… Read More

Meme Juxtaposition Overload: Asian Man in Blackface Does a Racism of We Wuz Kangz – ADL Investigating the Obvious White Supremist Domestic Terror Implications

ADL vs. Tucker

Its all Finkle-Think anyways…. And Tucker names Israel! Wow! I read the article by Andrew Anglin on the Daily Stormer and it was quite impressive… This is all Kosher Sandwich shit…

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Inside the War to Take Away Our Free Speech – National Justice

Source: by Eric Striker Many Americans are rightfully on guard when it comes to their Second Amendment rights. There is a whole subculture, lobby and multitude of groups dedicated to celebrating firearms, monitoring political attacks on gun… Read More