What could Singapore do if the Chinese military attacked?


This video tries to simulate a hypothetical war between China and Singapore. How would the distance impact the battles? What’d China use to get to Singapore? What can Singapore do to defend itself? This first part of the two part video series focuses on air war and naval war issues. The second part will talk more about ground troop invasion options.

This is the second part of a two part Singapore vs China video series. The invasion on the Singapore has begun. How successful would China be at landing its troops on Singapore’s soil? Watch to find out!!

Binkov’s Battlegrounds

Battlegrounds – a guide to warfare

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Pfizer is Now Stealing Ideas from Ivermectin

Digital Empire

Horse dewormers work so good that even Pfizer now wants a cut of the booty.

How does Ivermectin combat Sars-Cov-2?

It has shown efficacy to bind to the spike protein site of the RNA virus thereby reducing the multiplication and attachment of the virus to the ACE receptor in the nasal epithelium. So, the usage of Ivermectin during the early stage of COVID-19 will prevent attachment of the virus to the nasal epithelium. The consumption of Ivermectin 12 mg once daily for three days is now recommended in the isolation protocols of Karnataka,” she explained and noted that there were multiple randomised controlled trials claiming the efficacy of this drug.

https://www. thehindu .com/news/national/covid-19-with-fewer-side-effects-ivermectin-still-used-widely-in-india-despite-who-recommendation-against-it/article34540312.ece

Pfizer investors are panicking because their cash cow vaccine is not making as much money as they had initially projected

For the past 5 days, shills have gone into overdrive with the labelling of Ivermectin…

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New Poll Finds That 50% of Americans Support Cutting Aid to Israel | Aletho News

Additional survival tricks


By Eric Striker |National Justice| September 15, 2021

Aid to Israel is now a highly polarizing issue, a poll conducted by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and the pro-Zionist Israel Democracy Institute have found.

The survey taken last month found that the US government’s deferential treatment of Israel is completely out of line and unrepresentative of popular opinion.

On the question of whether to restrict US military aid to Israel, 50% of all Americans support ending such support, compared to 45% who oppose it. Among supporters of aid restrictions are 32% of registered Republicans, 62% of Democrats, and 52% of Independents. This is a drastic rise from historical opinion polls for all political persuasions right, left and center.

In respects to the Israel-Palestine conflict itself, only 32% of Americans believe the US government should be getting involved on Israel’s side.

A glaring distinction is made clear…

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The Peace Pirate

That Is Documented In An Obscure Pentagon Document From 1992 Which Provided A Blueprint For The ‘War On Terror.’

When excerpts of the document first appeared in the New York Times in March 1992, it created quite a stir. One influential Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was appalled by its ambition, denouncing it as “literally a ‘Pax Americana.’ A global security system where threats to stability are suppressed or destroyed by U.S. military power.”

Indeed, the draft Defense Planning Guidance, or DPG, which set forth the underlying elements of America’s grand strategy through the end of the century, was stunning in its vision for permanent American military dominance of virtually all of Eurasia — to be achieved by “deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role” and by preempting, using whatever means necessary, states believed to be developing weapons of mass destruction.


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Nature, culture and healing

Druid Life

What makes you feel like yourself? What do you do that gives you a sense of being fully present, alive and acting from a place of authenticity? Conversely, how much time do you spend in spaces where you have to pretend to be other than you are? What do you do that robs you of identity and leaves you numb, disengaged and dysfunctional?

One of the truly great things about being outside and alone is that you don’t have to perform. The elements do not require you to be other than you are. If your sense of self has been crushed by pressures and expectations, this time alone might be your best hope of healing and finding yourself. We don’t lose ourselves anything like as much as we have our identities taken from us.

We can end up feeling that we are the roles we are obliged to perform. If…

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The system of barter and trade drummed up trust amongst neighbors. I own a plow, my neighbor a lawnmower. We make an agreement, I take care of the snow in late Fall and Winters. My neighbor will take care of my grass in Springs and Summers. This requires follow through on both ends. And when followed through, we now can trust each other to take care of these tasks.

Barter and trade between community folk will stimulate the opportunity to develop trust amongst neighbors. Bonds to be built. Connect with what we are made of as evidenced through ancestry, geography, genealogy, history, archeology, agriculture, methods of communication – our barter and trade system has the potential to greatly limit the need for fiat-instruments within the community.

Trust earned through trade.


Within a high trust society, bonds are formed between souls, that share an understanding of the importance of preserving their community. There is a universal system of time keeping, allowing for planning. The four seasons provide structure to procure proper water, plant crops, tend to livestock. The barter and trade mechanism allows procurement of textiles, metals, fabrics, potions. There is a framework for universal understanding of things that people can see, as they share their description within bonds that are forged, the affirmation of a neighbor seeing the objective reality another member of the high trust society community witnesses…this allows for abbreviated efforts of expression. Symbols are able to be adapted. Simple symbols, like these here:

⦷ – Circled Parallel

⊗ – No Entry

⑭ – Fourteen

✇ – Chemical

⨁ – Sun Cross

The symbols come to signify easily understandable concepts to highly complex subject matter. Symbols reveal, symbols conceal. For many years I’ve read into symbols, the arrangement of using multiple symbols from a specific strata, also patterns of arrangement of symbols throughout things from my youth, Celtic Tarot cards for instance. At the core of the symbols are some universally understandable concepts.


There is a shared concept, Axis Mundo, within mythology studies, that detail something that sits at the center of the world and acts as a point of contact between different levels of the universe. This is a supreme being at the origin of the secret knowledge, of nature.

Comparative mythologies share the concept of four cycles of the ages. The Golden, Silver, Bronze and Iron Ages. These occur in Greek mythology and correspond within Celtic and Norse mythology – as well as the Hindu teachings:

  • Golden Age: first was the Golden age where people lived in peace and harmony with the nature.
  • Silver Age: prevailed and when Zeus broke the Eternal spring into three different periods of Spring, Summer and Winter and paradise was broken.
  • Bronze Age: Next was the Bronze age where people became warlike and inclined to arms.
  • Iron Age: this is the time when malignant great evil prevailed, where people became corrupt and selfish. Modesty, truth and faith are gone, replaced by deceit, fraud, violence and lust for personal gain. The path of an individual human being became unknown and without any true purpose. Mankind is completely out of synchronization with the Earth. Gold and iron ore are extracted from the Earth. Sowing the seeds for war. (the Kali Yuga, in Hindu. We are in this dimension of time, right now, 2021).

If there is any doubt we are in an age of treachery, take a look at the scourge of usury, degeneracy, the opiate epidemic, false narratives in place of journalistic integrity. Forever virus, forever wars, the destruction and demonization of the glory that is Western Civilization, the consolidation of wealth, the forever moving goalposts of “isms”, the hoops and ladders one must jump thru to get proper medical care, Globohomo-hoodwinking, the domestic extremist label, the Agenda 2030, derivatives trading, the elimination of privacy, the surveillance apparatus, the censorship, corruption reigns supreme in all corners…we are in the age of the Kali Yuga.


Of recent memory:

  • You work towards our destruction.
  • You systematically have our institutions working against the interests of the common people.
  • You systematically undermined our military assets to fight your wars on the other side of the world.
  • You unleash a not for profit to work well outside it’s defined bounds – which now says exactly what we are allowed to talk about, if we are are allowed to talk, from the digital public space to the very confines of our kitchen table with our children and our families.
  • You present degeneracy, malfeasance and debauchery as the norm – as if something to strive for – projected at us from all angles within your sitcom series, movies, magazines, comic books, plays, music, airwaves, newspapers, trade journals, advertisements, text books and beyond.
  • You have made a malicious decision; to break our borders, to guilt us into pathalogical altruism, that we must renounce and revoke our own identities in favor of honoring and prioritizing that of outsiders.
  • You have instructed us that our participation in self-destruction is our only salvation.
  • You have used the power of lobby and blackmail in order for us to draft into law the siphoning off of our treasure – to bolster your ability to maintain, optimize and enhance your own.
  • Your candidate of choice faces a threat within her own party, within her own party forces work to squash this candidate, those efforts are exposed as internal communications are made public in the run-up to the national elections – it is then you coordinate within the interconnectivity of your mass media apparatus to unleash a tale of bullshit and wank – that the nation of Russia is responsible for this exposure.
  • You stick to this useful, yet fictitious narration, of the country of Russia having compromised the inner sanctum of the Executive office – when in fact it is another foreign power that truly is the culprit of infiltration into our political landscape.
  • You have capitalized on the release of a contagion worldwide, you have put forth inconsistent and contradicting guidance on managing this contagion, you have brought forth the remedy which has fallen ineffective and you are explicitly working to undermine our most basic of human rights if we do not accept your failed remedy.
  • You employ tactful obfuscation, conflation, omission and outright fabrication in presenting the “facts” behind the death of a career criminal caught in the act of perpetrating another crime – he is caught, apprehended and it is only then that, en masse, we begin to see the filming.
  • You direct your minions to stand on live television broadcasts and exclaim that protests are peaceful and orderly as buildings on fire rage on right behind you.
  • You even present the cause and call of social justice in protesting the act of holding criminals accountable as more profound and necessary than mitigating the so-called destructive landscape of the contagion.
  • You have decimated our middle class, with the systematic exportation of our manufacturing jobs overseas in the name of privatization, deregulation and lower taxation to improve (((your))) bottom lines – a joke. And the overt closure and collapse of small business as a deterrent to the contagion – the punchline.
  • You instructed your minions to openly betray the public trust and shut down the opinions of those against the grain of your own, publish this accomplishment in your magazine and put your finger in our faces when we call the audacity of these actions into question.
  • You have set about to cripple and hinder our access to information and the truth of things, for if the truth were not so dangerous to your ultimate ambitions, no such action would have ever been warranted.
  • You wish to castigate the flames of dissent – yet you lack access to that switch. We will not sellout. We will not back down. We are unrelenting. We are not a cluster of radicals yet relegate us as such – radicalization is the inevitable destiny for us. So be it. Your plans are exposed and you cannot hide any longer. Your plans have only led us to our rite of passage of realization of what we truly pursue and that is justice!! The old verse, is timeless indeed...”never send to know for whom the bell tolls…it tolls, for thee…”