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  1. Dear Eric,

    I recently sent you an email to “e@muunyayo.com” from my personal email address. The Subject Title is called: “On ‘Hamiltonian Federalism and Pure Socialism.’

    Let me know if you had received it. I really need to make sure I clear up any potential ambiguities with my research.


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    1. Thank you man, you as well! It is refreshing to see the straightforward opinions and analysis of the social impact these technologies has on us all. The encapsulation of each opinion entered cleanly and also there are various people making the entries. ..it’s a great rolling work in process, keep it up man!!

      Best regards,

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  2. Hello,

    There was a comment that you had sent me over a week ago:

    “I have been balancing an unexpected workload that poured into my weekend this weekend (which I had scheduled to have off entirely).

    I am catching up on your posts and comments. I do have work done on a blog post to make a formal presentation to readers of my blog an appropriate encapsulation of Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism.

    When it is complete, I will submit a draft to you before publishing it.

    Keep up the great work!!”

    Are you still going to send me a draft of that blog post which you intend to write? If so, do you need me to take a look at it?

    Right now, I am now beginning to address the issues of secondary and higher education in these United States and the rest of the world. It will save immense amounts of time, money, manpower, and resources for both the student body and the rest of their nation at large.


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    1. Hello,

      I reside in the greater Boston area in the US, late last week we got hit with a major nor’easter storm with which the winds and rains knocked out the power in my community for nearly three full days. Even the mobile carrier service I have was knocked offline in this vicinity for two days. Therefore I was without power, electricity and internet for three days total, which has hindered my progress on my items of interest …things are back in order now, I have the next three days off from work. By the end of the day tomorrow I will have the draft ready for you.

      Please pardon me for this delay. The scope of defragmentation of the energy infrastructure here in the northeast portion of the United States has become a critical vulnerability….

      And now, the interest in promoting your ideology truly takes on an elevated level of importance, it’s a matter of necessity! America has been brought to heel!!

      I will be in touch with you tomorrow evening. Have a great night!

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      1. Hello,

        I understand that you were still preoccupied since you had replied to my comment from last week. Sorry if I was unable to follow up with you sooner. Last week was also hectic on my end because I had to spend much of my time on November 4-7 dealing with various personal matters offline.

        This week has been going well as of late. Hopefully, it will continue to stay that way. How about you?

        Lately, I have been investigating another aspect of my own research. It is related to another Socialism in the German-speaking world that continues to perplex and confuse everyday Europeans. The Germans in particular are still ashamed to talk openly about it for whatever reason.


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      2. Hello,

        The storm but moreover the power being knocked out set me back on work at my job (which has had me working 12-14 hour shifts each day since, even when I expected to have regular 8-10 hour shifts and even days off)..

        However, I just wrapped up work today with an orderly 6 hour shift and I have the next three days off…I’ve got my laptop, my Android, my notes, notebook and a half dozen felt tip pens, along with coffee brewing…my goals for tonight are to absolutely finish the draft I have been eager to present to you, as well as a blog post on “Transhumanism” and one paying homage to my home state of Massachusetts.

        The term “Socialism” here in the US, especially amongst Conservatives and thus, Republicans, is an automatic trigger of a repellent, no matter how the word is used.

        It’s like the word Fascism here too..Liberals and Conservatives alike do not understand the slightest aspect of what the Fascist ideology entails. And amongst the media (not just news, but movies, plays, podcasts, AM radio, magazines, etc) – the term Fascist is cast as a pejorative, mostly every time it is used!

        I appreciate your patience and I hope you you are doing well.

        I will be in touch soon and I look forward to presenting you the draft…

        Best regards,

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    2. Hello,

      I found this comment, I had replied on another blogger’s post accidentally…I was having some issues with not wanting to generalize and make insinuations on the origins of the project – I didn’t want to cheapen the great work you have done…my email e@muunyayo.com, if you would like to reply there:

      -Which books & authors/political ideologies/philosophical works inspired the launching of Hamiltonian Federalist Socialism?

      -as you mentioned, yes, how can I best express the “executive summary” of the ideology?

      -Another question has come to mind, based on alot of the stuff I inject into content of my own, the system has alot of flaws, in my opinion. I feel we are witnessing an orchestrated slow collapse of America. There are outside forces at work that want nothing more than a collective American people acquiescing to a system of Communitarianism. These outside forces control the money issuance, the fiscal policy…this has allowed for them to gain control of the political capital (the Executive and Legislative powers)…do you feel these things are happening?


  3. Hello,

    I apologize for not contacting you sooner. I had been busy with personal matters on top of the work that I had been devoting to my Blog. Yes, you are free to talk about my research and share it with others because people need to know about the growing depravity behind this one particular field that I had naïvely chose back in high school and ended up regretting in my university years. I am of course referring to the engineering subdiscipline known as “Financial Engineering.”

    What I had seen while trying to pursue that field is a complete and total disregard for the well-being of whole nations. How could I live with myself, knowing that this is same field that created the Subprime Mortgages that caused the Great Recession? How could I live with myself, knowing that I was essentially trying to develop excuses to justify Usury? What kind of world would I end up creating, if I allow my life’s work to be reduced into a weapon of Financial Warfare?

    Speculation, Usury, Fractional-Reserve Banking, Incentives of Supply and Demand, Kapital and Schuld were what later convinced me to stop pursuing Financial Engineering. Political Science was eventually chosen as my university major. But don’t get me wrong: Financial Engineering still has the potential to change the world, but it has to begin with a higher sense of philosophical ethics, a moral compass, and the political and legal clout conducive to ensuring that the world is capable of achieving more meaningful economic way of living.

    Everyone is free to believe whatever they want, but Financial Warfare is a real concept that came of age just like me during the Great Recession. If I was the one who was writing International Law, I would consider concepts like “Speculative Attacks” as potential war crimes and overseen by military tribunals at The Hague.

    Do people even realize that Speculators such as George Soros made their entire fortunes waging one Speculative Attack after another on weak and helpless nations around the world? Do people understand that Cryptocurrencies are not going help anyone if Soros and other Speculators are as convinced as the Central Banks and Financial Markets that Cryptocurrencies is now in their crosshairs?

    George Soros’ fund owns bitcoin, CEO confirms: (https://www.cnbc.com/2021/10/07/george-soros-fund-owns-bitcoin-ceo-confirms.html)

    What George Soros Says About Bitcoin: (https://www.fool.com/the-ascent/cryptocurrency/articles/what-george-soros-says-about-bitcoin/)

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  4. Hello,

    I am writing this message to let you know that I have finished Part IV of “Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget,” with the final segment of Part IV relegated to serve as the “Conclusion” to the SMP Compendium. Here are the links:

    Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget (Pt. IV of IV)

    Conclusion: The Greater America Amendment

    After ten long years of what seemed like an endless intellectual journey since high school in 2011, I am just glad to have finished the research that went into the Compendium.


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    1. Hello,

      Thank you for giving me early notification of the publishing of the final entry to “Strategic Accounting and Allocation of the Federal Budget.”

      For the past few weeks I’ve been able to give the entire body of work a real, fair read. In reading each entry – while also gauging the wider context of exactly what I am examining in full – and it is that, indeed, an extremely thorough, comprehensive battle plans! It is contained within what you’ve written, this is a framework with which keeps the betterment of mankind first and foremost. Preservation of moral order. Doing right by others.

      I am beginning to observe the patterns within the different types of entries you have made. For instance, there are the technical, highly involved plans that incorporate economic models and fundamentals. These differ from what seems to me to be a more subjective type of entry (ie “On the State of Our Union”) which I see to be your Insights on current events.

      Hopefully I am conveying my sentiments correctly – there is really a great deal of engagement you have taken with this material and I am truly grateful to have been introduced. This is fascinating work.

      I am fortunate I am beginning to grasp a subtle , underlying theme within the framework of the Content Management System layout of WordPress.and the way you have utilized it in order to deliver your dedicated entries.

      This is inspirational work, it is not common to encounter this type of dedication matched with quality and “making sense.”

      Looking forward to reading this tonight! And then sharing the material with the WordPress bloggers that I’ve come to find take a good, serious look into the challenges facing us as a people today!

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