The Feddington Post • Episode #6 • “We Will Win”


Morracow and Fashy Gainz psychoanalyze blacks, discuss Satanic death cults, the crumbling Jewish globohomo system and the inevitability of white nationalist victory, and the justice that will be dispensed to our enemy.

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Great Entries on Bomb Thrower Blog


Fashy Gainz and Morrakiu discuss the volcano demon; Christian heresy; a government funded program in the 60s involving administering LSD to dolphins which, unsurprisingly, ended with CIA glowniggers having sex with dolphins; Roman Emperor Hadrian, and conflicts with Judea including Kito’s War; homeschooling; our responsibility to future generations of whites; transgenderism as female blackface; blackpilling conversations with normiecons; why babies smell so good; hepatitis infections; and the punishment that will be meted out to triators when we win.My Telegram and TikTok: @HirschelLBInstagram: Post Telegram: friend’s Patreon: Bitcoin: 12dHGBBsukqPhosh98oPPN6dtGoypfYxkcDonate Litecoin: LTvPYkh3FMepCk7453da8wfSCphkRdEFKB