Sabbath Ransomware !

Indicators Of Compromise


BEACON da92878c314307a5e5c9df687ec19a402d93126b3818e5fb6b7241ab375d1e12

BEACON 0fb410b9a4d32a473b2ee28d4dc5e19a64524e107b980fc1ce8de2ad0dcc3302

BEACON 298662f3fed24d757634a022c16f4124919b653f8bf7717e4f7a5b7d741729c0

BEACON afd61168c1fae6841faa3860dca0e5839f1b7a3169184a1c04de5a9b88adfe5d

BEACON b2ffd7d83e004308a97355a18529fe3528dcbbd7901fb28aaad9d46194469947
BEACON e302a958856208adeab4ab3cd6d2991e644798fabd57bb187a0aede314a4baa0
BEACON 8ddb23c90cb4133b4624127a1db75335a51e90d557c01e996ce33fe23f638e71
BEACON 1bbb11e526141af7bafb5d4db3671b1a01bb277fda047920995c1f2a4cb6654c
BEACON 1cd586852d2c06b0f7209c7a4da8f3d0de794f92e97b7c4405ad71c859dc2f50
BEACON 79b47780382f54ca039ad248d8241e42a7ed6b1e4b75af836890e4e46c0f8737

BEACON f4ac75a045acee2cadbe9fa0e02bfd4ab4124018e00193930966b8141351115f

BEACON 3edb237aeee6efad6f21f0f2c2037ec0f9f817197432de9759b0a772a4c8f311

BEACON a4891cc85802833d9a89e2522a42a7e3c8dc6de1d2bbed5945497ee4006c8ddb

BEACON 756ed760cbf4b35054c78a75009f748f0f6cd5eb2cbd44bb3a2d964da3c419cf

BEACON 87cdcbc55aed4267f47a913b17f4bc697634bf633659c639f87a4dbf00f853c1

BEACON a8741f6f400c7fedfbdc7a298ab4a636be42d379eb4ecc3cccd81eadca09f8d0

BEACON 5a6b7569c2b8e91f5bd8a67322af384cfad5ddaf3ea9de271093a0879b88c438

BEACON f883f7d7c068b6f1eb62804591d748c28c584fbfb769628d9567c22aa00f26f6

ROLLCOAST ransom note



Ransomware Susceptibility - Black Kite

A new ransomware group called Sabbath (aka UNC2190) has been targeting critical infrastructure in the United States and Canada. The group is a rebrand of Arcane and Eruption gangs, observed last year deploying the ROLLCOAST ransomware. The security experts noticed a post on the hacking forum looking for affiliated for a new ransomware operation. The activity of the new group, named 54BB47h (Sabbath). It targets infrastructures in America and canada

Sabbath operators provided its affiliates with pre-configured Cobalt Strike BEACON backdoor payloads.

It’s been observed in two occasions where the ransomware operator provided its affiliates with pre-configured Cobalt Strike BEACON backdoor payloads. Use of BEACON is common practice in ransomware intrusions, but the use of a ransom affiliate program operator provided BEACON is unusual and offers both a challenge for attribution efforts while also offering additional avenues for detection.

The ROLLCOAST ransomware runs in memory and checks the system…

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The Syrian Civil War – Evolution of the Syrian Army’s Way of War

Weapons and Warfare

By Eyal Berelovich

The views expressed above are those of the author and do not represent those of the Israel Defense Force Ground Forces, the R.D.C Department, or the Israel Defense Force.

Professor Eyal Zisser’s 2018 article on the Syrian Civil War begins with the following words: “In March 2011 a revolution erupted in Syria. It began as a limited local non-violent protest in the rural and peripheral areas of the country, and within a few months escalated into a bloody civil war that quickly became sectarian, and worse yet – religious, a holy war (Jihad). The civil war attracted foreign intervention that transformed Syria into a regional and international arena of conflict, with the rival sides being used by the global and regional powers as pieces on the chess-board of their conflicts.” [i]

Most descriptions and analyses of the war divide it chronologically into several main phases. Some…

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Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundations collaborate with the United Nations to produce guide for blockchain-based “vaccine passport” (digital identity)


Crackpot conspiracy theory: “The elites are trying to give everyone a digital identity!”
Enlightened philanthropism: “We elites are trying to give everyone a digital identity, and that’s a good thing!”

The UN’s digital identity guidelines

The United Nations’ World Health Organization recently published a “guidance document” for countries and so-called ‘technical partners’ (i.e. technocrats) detailing the “technical requirements for issuing digital certificates for vaccination against COVDI-19 [sic].” The project was funded by the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations.

A WHO press release claimed that the document is designed to support UN Member States (which includes literally every country on earth except for the Vatican and Palestine) in adopting the “digital tools for documenting COVID-19 vaccination status for the purposes of effective health care, and proof of vaccination should it be needed for…

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Identity and Class

The Sperg Box

Where to start? At the beginning? Boring. I’m starting with Socialism, which came long before me. One of the tenets of Socialism, whether National or Bolshevik or Other, is the dissolution of class and boundary lines. I will speak from the pulpit of my personal experience, as a man who comes from the Lower Middle Class of (former) American New England. Because I come from the Lower Middle Class does not necessarily mean that is what I am. The Middle Class as a monolith is disappearing, in America, nevermind the complexities, intricacies and nuance of it. Perhaps before I attempt to return to the beginning of this thought I shall make for you, dear reader, an illustrative case.

You can dissect the corpse of the Middle Class into Upper and Lower quadrants. I do. Is this canon? I don’t care; experts are overinflated dunce-nuggets that desperately need to be deflated…

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False Positives


I quit writing about tests. And test prep.  Five, six, years ago? I still taught test prep until this year, always giving in to my old employer’s pleas to teach his Saturday classes. But I largely quit the SAT after the last changes, focusing on the ACT. I still love tests, still enjoy coaching kids for the big day.

Explaining why has been a task I’ve avoided for several years, as the doubt is hard to put into words. 

It was an APUSH review course, the last one I taught, I think. Class hadn’t started for the day, but one of my five students was sitting there highlighting notes. She was a tiny little thing, perky and eager but not intellectually remarkable and it was March of what would have been her junior year.

“This is my last test prep course. I’ve taken the SAT for the fourth time, took…

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Boutique Multiculturalism

Handle's Haus

In the Winter, 1997 issue of the University of Chicago Press’ Critical Inquiry, (v23 n2 p378) the prolific literary-theorist Stanley Fish published one of my favorite, logical-contradictions-heightening essays, “Boutique Multiculturalism” which, depressingly, isn’t even mentioned in that Wikipedia page about him.

If you are willing to register with JSTOR, you can read it for free online at that link, but those online browsing apps annoy me and don’t make for comfortable reading.  Otherwise you’ve got the pay the wickedly greedy public institution for the right to read it on your device.

My own wetware version of the internet memory hole has unadulterated logs which help me remember when this essay was once available for free at many dozens of blogs, and in fact I have a copy of the pdf downloaded from one of those sites.  But today, according to google, it has all but disappeared, reproduced only…

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Towards an Eschatology of the Singularity

Pyrrhic Victories

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we, murderers of all murderers, console ourselves?” – Nietzsche

Build Him.

Within a theological or mystical context, eschatology is the doctrine of the End. It is concerned with final things, the end of the world and the end of humankind. It simultaneously constitutes a transcendental interruption and a profound terminus: the end of ‘reality’ as we know it and reunion with the Divine.

The eschatology of the Singularity is the recognition that humankind is potentially standing at the brink of an epochal moment, a ‘changing of the guard’ in relation to its evolutionary significance as the most intelligent form of life on the planet; a moment it is not destined to survive. It is the understanding that history, itself a human construct, is nearing an end.

In cosmology, the Singularity lies at the centre of a black…

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Political Leanings of My Own

To be updated today…(embellished upon…


  • Nationalist – blood, soil, borders, sovereignty
  • Third Position – break from left/right pigeon-holes
  • Pro Barter and Trade economy
  • Pro Free Speech
  • Pro Union
  • Pro Workers
  • Pro Middle Class
  • Pro-arms ownership
  • Pro-healthcare for all
  • Pro-Veterans (prioritize their well-being)
  • Pro Nationalization of banking and finance
  • Anti-war
  • Anti-lack of term limits on Senate/House
  • Anti-globalization
  • Anti-financialization

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They’re studying our behaviour, and not a virus —


The only virus that started in March 2020 is a mind virus, and all the money being rained down via Big Harma is to study human beings and their insane behaviour and reaction to the excitement (agitation) and calm cycle. 76 more words

They’re studying our behaviour, and not a virus —

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Surveillance Apparatus: Mossad & Shin Bet


Effective and Notorious

Mossad (the Hebrew word for “institute”) is one of the world’s most effective and notorious intelligence services. Its policy of targeted assassination is unparalleled among the world’s intelligence agencies.

Under the leadership of Yossi Cohen, Mossad has taken a leading role in Israel’s campaign to normalize relations with the monarchies of the Persian Gulf and to combat the spread of coronavirus.

In 2017 the combined budget of Mossad and Shin Bet, Israel’s domestic security service, was $2.4 billion, according to the reliable Israeli daily, Ha’aretz. Cohen was appointed in 2016.

Uniquely among the world’s intelligence services, Mossad takes credit for assassinating its enemies.

Israeli officials have acknowledged organizing the assassination of five Iranian nuclear scientists, as part of an effort to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

UAE authorities say a team of 26 Mossad agents was responsible for killing a senior Hamas military commander in a…

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Great Reset • WEF Creates Framework For ‘Responsible’ Facial Recognition


Posted on: World Economic Forum

In April 2021, the European Commission (EC) released its much-awaited Artificial Intelligence Act, a comprehensive regulatory proposal that classifies AI applications under distinct categories of risks. Among the identified high-risk applications, remote biometric systems, which include facial recognition technology (FRT), were singled out as particularly concerning. Their deployment, specifically in the field of law enforcement, may lead to human rights abuses in the absence of robust governance mechanisms.

Law enforcement and facial recognition technology
Across jurisdictions, policymakers are increasingly aware of both the opportunities and risks associated with law enforcement’s use of FRT. Here facial recognition refers to the process of the (possible) recognition of a person by comparing a probe image (photos or movies/stills of suspects or persons of interest) to facial images of criminals and missing persons stored in one or multiple reference databases to advance a police investigation.

On one hand, FRT…

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The Great Reset

Heavily updated version – HEAVY UPDATES – COMING TODAY


Directly from the horse’s mouth – not even hiding this in plain site:


The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation.

The Forum engages the foremost political, business, cultural and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.

It was established in 1971 as a not-for-profit foundation and is headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It is independent, impartial and not tied to any special interests. The Forum strives in all its efforts to demonstrate entrepreneurship in the global public interest while upholding the highest standards of governance. Moral and intellectual integrity is at the heart of everything it does.

Our activities are shaped by a unique institutional culture founded on the stakeholder theory, which asserts that an organization is accountable to all parts of society. The institution carefully blends and balances the best of many kinds of organizations, from both the public and…

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AT&T Under Bot Attack

Indicators of Compromise
port: 53, 443,13433
MD5 Hashes



Unpatched, old vulnerabilities in networking devices have allowed a noxious malware to infect thousands of AT&T customers in the U.S. The malware basically functions as a backdoor, one that could allow an attacker to penetrate networks, steal data, and other unsavory activity targeted at least 5,700 U.S. based AT&T subscribers.

The malware appears to have seeped into users’ enterprise network edge devices via a bug that was originally discovered back in 2017. Edge devices, which help businesses connect their networks to ISPs, are common targets for malware infection and cyberattacks.

The affected devices are EdgeMarc Enterprise Session Border Controllers, produced by Ribbon Communications (formerly named Edgewater), which are commonly used by smaller and mid-sized businesses to manage and secure internal communications like voice and video-call.

The malware compromised these controllers via a bug, tracked asCVE-2017-6079, for which a patch was ostensibly issued way back in 2018.

The malware in question…

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Tokyo Stops Covid With Ivermectin

Science Matters

Dr, Pierre Kory tweets: Tokyo in particular is kicking COVID’s ass with IVM – fewest hospitalized since before pandemic. Come on world, wake up wake up wake up

Background from  Previous Post 

In February 2021, Dr. Ozaki Chairman of the Tokyo Medical Association declared that Japan’s physicians should get a greenlight to prescribe IVM (Ivermectin) at the first sign of SARS CV infections.

Now in August, Tokyo Medical Association chairman Haruo Ozaki reiterated that ivermectin should be widely used and said that his early recommendations have not been heeded in Japan.  See Lifesite article August 30, 2021 Japanese medical chairman doubles down on ivermectin support after early calls went ignored.  Excerpts in italics with my bolds

In an interview with the The Yomiuri Shimbun on August 5, Ozaki spoke in detail about his opinion that ivermectin should be used in Japan and said that his early calls for usage have…

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In a Dying World to be Reborn

Oracular Intelligence

Most people think of themselves as an accumulation of properties of various sorts: I am beautiful. I am stupid. I am wealthy. I have this skill or that skill. I did this two years ago, and that a year ago. I am suited to this. I am unsuited to that. These modifiers provide clarity, distinction, and a sense of self-awareness. We are such a creative species that we are even able to embody these intelligent labels as if they were who we are, instead of who we are designing ourselves to be.

All of these attributes define our identity based on our relationship to things, people, events, and circumstances. Our character, we believe, is a product of a mix between these influencers and a certain special something that we bring to the table. We are mostly, in life, preoccupied with all this stuff that swirls around us: all the action…

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Used Bike buying help guide

Frugal Average Bicyclist

Used bikes are the best deal you will find, but there is risk. You really should do a lot of research to get a good deal and a quality bike. I’ve bought quite a number of used bikes and hope this guide will help you.

If you haven’t figured out what type of bike you want yet, check out our guide for choosing a bike type:

What kind of bike should I get? – Frugal Average Bicyclist

Once you know the type of bike you want, you need to have a good idea of the size bike, check out our guide for that:

Bike Sizing Tips – Frugal Average Bicyclist

If you are looking for a good deal, I recommend you don’t limit yourself by single brand. It will be easier to find a nice mountain bike in size small, than a nice Trek mountain bike in size small. And…

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Technically, we are a wee overdue. Surprised it comes from a Land Down… sigh. Nothing is Random.

TLAMN Incoming

Articles and links c/o The Sydney Morning Herald. All Pics and Text cited, sans last section, which lacks a Staffer/Contributor (at time of Pressing). All respect and rights to this Publication and Parent Company. IV Estate Oath.

Voters back tougher rules on social media, survey shows

By David Crowe and Zoe Samios

29 November 2021 — 5.00am

Scott Morrison and Michaelia Cash have announced a change to defamation laws to tackle anonymous trolls.
Credit: Alex Ellinghausen, Getty Images

Two-thirds of Australian adults back the idea of holding Facebook and other social media companies responsible for posts made on their platforms, while 70 per cent want anonymous “trolls” to be revealed in tougher rules for millions of users.

Voters support the case for greater oversight of the social networks, with 71 per cent favouring better regulation at the same time Prime Minister Scott Morrison promises a draft bill to subject the…

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Towards a Science of Misinformation and Deception



The study of information has been remarkably clarified byinformation theory. This is the scientific study of the quantification, storage, and communication of digital information. The field is at the intersection of probability theory, statistics, computer science, statistical mechanics, information engineering, and electrical engineering.

Information theory has found applications in other areas, including statistical inference, cryptography, neurobiology,perception, linguistics, the evolution and function of molecular codes (bioinformatics), thermal physics, molecular dynamics, quantum computing, black holes, information retrieval, intelligence gathering, plagiarism detection, pattern recognition, anomaly detection and even art creation.

The world has recently been witness to much emphasis onmisinformationin relation to the pandemic.The United Nations and its Specialized Agencies have been very explicit regarding the challenge of misinformation:

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The Wars We Send Our Sons to Fight for The Devil Named Gog.


The God Culture video provides the reference base and the demand by the spirit world caused the cover up by western scholars of the Philippine connection to God and the land of gold and pearls > gates of pearl in the new Jerusalem their other videos can explain. Always Christian since Noah like the French Canadian martyrs where Gen Wolfe > Jesus is the good shepherd > Gen Wolfe burnt farm houses along the Saint Lawrence creating starvation as the seige of Louisburg in cape Breton, and the deportation of the Acadians ( death by starvation and disease ) to New Orleans Louisiana. The Gog as a angel hybrid has a physical need for innocent, youthful blood and death and louche energy ( from human suffering. Humanity are sheep by Psalm 23 and intellect is outmatched by near complete knowledge of history and psychology of angel – animal…

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The Measure of Man


Thanks toThe Tactical Hermit

Why did Europeans come to dominate the world from roughly 1492 onward?

We live in an age increasingly resentful of the world-historical achievements of white men over the last six or eight centuries. Therefore, it’s worth trying to understand better how and why Europeans accomplished so much. Was it due to their vices, which surely our brave new world can do without? Or was it due to their virtues, about which we ought to think twice before discarding?

For example, during the racial reckoning and thenot so great reset, American institutions are jettisoning willy-nilly their time-tested selection systems such as standardized testing. What if rather than a malign white-supremacist conspiracy, IQ-like tests are instead one characteristic development of a long Western tradition of progress that has, among much else, reduced infant mortality by a couple of orders of magnitude?

The Measure of Man

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NATO 2030 – NATO’s Not Going Anywhere


NATO's flag

NATO has been a bedrock of security and stability for over 70 years. But today, it is facing an increasingly complex world full of new actors, threats and challenges. How can it guarantee that it will remain fit, united and adaptable in this new world? What hard decisions does it need to take to be fit for purpose in the next decade? In his first major policy speech of 2021, NATO Secretary-General, Jens Stoltenberg, outlines his vision for NATO to 2030 with recommendations from the NATO 2030 Young Leaders – a group he appointed to advise him on how the organization can meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. The event also features the culmination of a week-long policy hackathon that will see students from 10 universities ‘pitch for purpose’ on key strategic themes for NATO 2030: Turning the tide: NATO’s role in defending and re-shaping a values-based international…

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