Remarks on Democratic-Republican Party: “Are There Any Adults Left?”

The Fourth Estate

“The menace of [Jeffersonianism in America] will remain a menace until the American people make themselves aware of the techniques of [Jeffersonianism]. No one who truly understands what it really is can be taken in by it. Yet the Individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous [and so old that] he cannot believe it [continues to exist]. The American Mind simply has not [yet] come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst [by the Democratic-Republican Party]. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse [the Neoliberalism] which [will] ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

-Mary Edgar Hoover, Interview with Elks Magazine,
ca. August 1956

I am investigating the key structural weaknesses in the Democratic-Republican Party at the moment. As my American readers of The Fourth Estate should already be aware, the Democratic-Republican Party is…

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COVID19, The Great Reset, and Transhumanism


Quick update with recent news. I’ll probably write a better article at some point, but this will do for now. I still haven’t thought of a new name for an optics-friendly blog, otherwise I’d put this stuff on there.

Also adding new ‘Great Reset’ category to the site.


  • Agenda 21 rebranded
  • Transhumanism: The “digitization” of humanity
  • How will this be implemented?
  • “COVID19”
  • One-world currency and UBI
  • Cyber pandemic
  • Biological energy harvesting

Agenda 21 rebranded

As I’m sure many of you are already aware, globalist elites are using their COVID19 psyop to push through The Great Reset, which is simply a rebranding of the United Nation’s ‘Agenda 21’ (also known as ‘Agenda 2030’ and ‘Sustainable Development Goals’).

The Great Reset was known as Agenda 21 while globalists were using “Global Warming” as the primary psyop excuse for creating a one-world government, The Great Reset is merely the virus psyop rebrand.

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Who Will Answer?

Desultory Heroics

By James Howard Kunstler


Why on earth would any American with a functioning brain believe what he /she /they is being told by the public health officialdom, the politicians, or the news media? For two years, they have lied to you about everything relating to the Covid-19 virus, including where it came from, how it was developed, who sponsored its development, how the vaccines happened to come onstage thirty seconds after the disease entered the scene, how well the vaccines worked, how safe the vaccines were, and whether there were other cheap and effective treatments for the disease.

So, here we are with nearly 200-million Americans fully vaccinated (and 230-million with at least one dose), plus 47-million overall officially registered cases of Covid illness (conferring immunity among the survivors), plus X-number people infected with no symptoms, or people who didn’t get tested when sick, or didn’t bother going…

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BIG BROTHER: ‘The Five Eyes’, The International Syndicate That Spies on the Entire World – By Patrick Henningsen


Source –

  • “…Firms like Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter command near-global monopolies in their respective markets. This means that as long as those Western firms permeate and dominate the planetary information space, Five Eyes operatives only require a backdoor into a handful of these firms to surveil and control almost every aspect of public (and even private) life”

The Five Eyes: The International Syndicate That Spies on the Entire World



From New Dawn 177 (Nov-Dec 2019)

Power is a peculiar thing. In different ways, we’ve become accustomed to co-existing with it and will even forgo some liberties as part of a Faustian trade-off for various modern conveniences. When that power is virtually invisible, it is beyond scrutiny; and when it’s transnational, it takes on a whole new dimension. We are now fast approaching a point in history where opaque structures of power…

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“Hamilton Takes Command!”: Student Codetermination of the Military-Industrial Complex?

The Fourth Estate

In June 1775, the Continental Congress in Philadelphia chose Virginia delegate Col. George Washington as commander in chief of the Continental Army then surrounding British-occupied Boston. Hurrying north, Washington spent a day in New York City, where, on Sunday, June 25, 1775, Alexander Hamilton braced at attention for Washington to inspect his militiamen at the foot of Wall Street.

Lower Manhattan and Wall Street, as seen from the South

Two months later, the last hundred British troops withdrew from Manhattan, going aboard the 64-gun man-of-war Asia . At 11 o’clock on the night of August 23, Continental Army Artillery captain John Lamb gave orders for his company, supported by Hamilton’s volunteers and a light infantry unit, to seize two dozen cannons from the battery at the island’s southern tip. The Asia’s captain, having been warned by Loyalists that the Patriots would raid the fort that night, posted a patrol barge…

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Introductory: Ecology and the True Right

Ecology Viewed from the Right

While a commitment to ecological integrity has long been a mainstay of the European right, in the United States it is typically regarded as a plank in the progressive political platform, part of its prepackaged offering of open borders, economic redistribution, and amoral individualism. The absence of any broad right-wing consensus on environmental questions in this country is partially due to the fact that our mainstream conservative party, a tense coalition of Protestant fundamentalists and neoliberal oligarchs, has proven unable (or unwilling) to actually conserve most vestiges of traditional society. This includes the purity, wholeness, and integrity of our native land, which constitute a significant part of the American national heritage. Articulating a rightist approach to ecology while exposing its subversion by the political left therefore remains a necessary task, due to its invariably progressive connotations in this country.

Whatever its current-year associations, the natural home of political ecology lies on…

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The UN “Human Rights” plutocracy — Agenda Europe

Vermont Folk Troth

Two years ago, the Strasbourg-based European Center for Law and Justice has published a report in which it exposed how a very small group of immensely rich “non-governmental organisations”, mostly bankrolled and controlled by the US-hungarian billionaire and self-styled “philantropist” George Soros, is able to influence the European Court of Human Rights, its agenda-setting and[…]

The UN “Human Rights” plutocracy — Agenda Europe

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Radical Liberal ‘Marxist’ David Harvey Says ‘Das Kapital’ Is Too Dense Too Understand – Too Revolutionary, Actually


David Harvey’s Jacobin interview on Marx’s Capital A promotion of the “life-style” politics

David Harvey’s Jacobin interview on Marx’s Capital A promotion of the “life-style” politics of the academic left

21 July 2018

(Vimeo – video of David Harvey’s Introduction to Reading Karl Marx’ ‘Capital’ –

The Jacobin magazine, which functions as a kind of house journal for the middle class radical liberal milieu, in particular the Democratic Socialists of America, has published an interview with the academic David Harvey, purporting to show why Marx’s Capital is “still the defining guide to understanding—and overcoming—the horrors of capitalism.”

Harvey, variously described as a social theorist, a historical-materialist geographer and sometimes a Marxist, has attracted a wide following over the past decade in the wake of the global financial crisis due to his online lectures on Capital and a number of books critical of capitalism and its irrationalities.

The interest in his…

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Computer History: Operating Systems

Roger's Vault

Photo by ThisIsEngineering on

Computer operating systems (OS) provide a set of functions needed and used by most applications, and provide the necessary linkages to control a computer’s hardware. On the first computers, without an operating system, each program would have to have drivers for your video card, memory card, and other peripherals. The evolution of the computer applications and their complexity led to the OS necessities.

Early computers lacked any form of operating system. The user had sole use of the machine; he would arrive at the machine armed with his program and data, often on punched paper tape. The program would be loaded into the machine, and the machine set to work, until the program stopped, or maybe more likely, crashed. Programs could generally be debugged via a front panel using switches and lights; it is said that Alan Turing was a master of this on the…

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Social Surveillance


It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point that surveillance of our lives, especially by means of our social media accounts, is a daily happenstance. The measure of these occurrences towards good and useful ends, and those toward the more sinister and intrusive usually are better measured by who is doing the poking around and who is better served.

Most will find it hard to complain about an online and connected experience that better connects us with the goods and services we desire, but even that can get a little creepy. People usually post items on their social media because they want them to be seen. They want them to solicit positive feedback, connections of a mutual or harmonious nature, or simply to be creative and heard in ways that were never possible sans social media. However, when it comes to posting personal information, personal photos, personal successes or…

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Metaphysics and Integral Ecology

Ecology Viewed from the Right

Among those on the Right who address man’s relationship to the rest of the natural world, one finds a variety of approaches. There are the anthropocentric conservationists, who promote the “wise use” or prudent management of natural resources for future generations. There are the Social Darwinist varieties, who view humanity as a purely biological part of nature and subject to its harsh laws. And there are those of a more traditionalist bent who regard the natural as an expression of primordial cosmic order which demands our respect. I’ve taken to calling this third variant “integral ecology,” for this approach to ecology is inseparable from larger questions of metaphysics, human nature, ethics, and politics (1).

It is this third approach to environmental questions that I believe to be truest and the most consistent, and have promoted it as such in my various writings. However, since the connection between traditional metaphysics, the…

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American Foundations

We live in a fascinating time, we have more knowledge than ever before available about our ancestors available all over the internet, and yet more than ever before so many don’t seem to know where they come from. Furthermore many don’t care, “What do those people have to do with me?”, or one step further down the nihilistic path “If I don’t matter, why should they?”

The first question is easily answered. Those people have everything to do with you. Your physical appearance, personality, the type of work you may enjoy, the political worldview you naturally gravitate toward, things you struggle with, even where you will most likely fall in the social hierarchy of your society. All of these major parts of our lives that we strive and ruminate over (or not) are highly heritable, including how much we care about those things.

Basically knowing more about “those people” could…

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U.S. Announces New Travel Restrictions as Scientists Give New COVID Variant The Name Omicron – A Strategic New Variant Introduced to Help Offset Global Inflation


Posted originally on the conservative tree house on November 26, 2021 | Sundance | 426 Comments

We originally outlined the new COVID-19 variant along with the international motives of the science community for delivering itHERE. Previously the new worrisome, 10 spike,vaccine resistantvariant was called “The B.1.1.529 variant“. However, those types of names do not work well for larger fear narrative distribution. As a result, the international scientific community has given it the name “Omicron“. Perhaps the “Merry Christmas” variant would be culturally insensitive.

Globally, and not coincidentally –politically– the greatest challenge to those in power is a massive rise in direct inflation. What is the quickest way to eliminate the political risks due to inflation? Shut down demand….. lock down the economies… turn the values closed on economic activity, and then watch oil prices plummet.

As the science is told, Omicron originated…

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MIND GAMES: ‘The Eighth Sphere’, The Metaverse Scam – We’re Being Herded Into The Matrix – By Mark Jeftovic


Source –

  • “…Steiner called it The Eighth Sphere and warned that sometime in the late 20th century, Arhiman would incarnate in the west and drive a global process of harvesting human souls into it. The zeitgeist of radical material reductionism would dampen, deaden and dumb down humanity to its coarsest, most basic layers: meat”

The Metaverse Is A Scam: We’re Being Herded Into The Matrix

By Mark Jeftovic

Late Stage Globalism’s ‘Hail Mary’

How do they get our souls?

Soul traps. The lures are the lusts and hungers of this life. The [soul], exploring the newfound freedom of the energetic world, finds himself able to visit his friends and enemies, to see their innermost being and thoughts, even to converse with them in ways that their elemental selves cannot perceive. He is in danger, but he does not know it, for he has not ascended. He is still ensnared…

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