Former US spies face charges for working as mercenary hackers for the UAE • THE CRADLE


The US Justice Department reported on 14 September that three former intelligence agents who worked as hackers for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) agreed to collaborate with federal prosecutors to avoid going to trial on charges of conspiring to violate hacking laws.

The three defendants, Marc Baier, Ryan Adams, and Daniel Gericke, were hired by the UAE after their work contracts with US spy agencies on the clandestine Project Raven came to an end, allowing Abu Dhabi to engage in surveillance of other governments as well as militants and human rights activists critical of the emirates.

Over a dozen former US spies were hired by the UAE to work on the surveillance project.

The US Justice Department announced that the defendants entered into a deferred prosecution agreement, which calls for their complete cooperation to provide “full, complete, and truthful information to the FBI or any other US government organization,” and to provide any documents sought by the government.

They also agreed to pay fines of $1.685 million.

According to a Reuters investigation into Project Raven, the agents used “an arsenal of cyber tools, including a cutting-edge espionage platform known as Karma, in which Raven operatives say they hacked into the iPhones of hundreds of activists, political leaders, and suspected terrorists.”

According to court papers, the Karma hacking tool was acquired from two unnamed US companies.

The documents also describe how the former US spies helped the UAE design, procure, and deploy hacking capabilities over multiple years.

Their victims included US citizens, with the spies alleging their Emirati superiors promised them that Washington had approved their work.

Organized Crime As Oligarchy.


Oligarchy is a form of organized crime as is a new gradual increase in the regime in Canada of going from answering the Rothschild wars from the smash and grab and mass starvation in camps of 28 000 Boer women and children and black elders > caution the stats are from regime sites > in South Africa from 1899to 1902. In that war 7 000 deployed and 267 soldiers died yet no wounded statistics. The war was near genocidal and was to gain gold and diamonds at fire sale royalties for a tiny group of ” city of London Bankers Including Milner> a key figure in WW 1 and Rothschild plus Rhodes who created the Rhodes group to bring. Essentially Rothschild and zionist graduates to positions of power. From the folly of ww 1 and shameful Canadian navy role in the continued starvation blockade of Germany after WW 1…

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NDP and Liberals and Conservatives Aproval of Libya CAF Mass Murder Proves Bankers Own Them.


All three of these parties are essentially deceptive and violent gangster operatives of the ” city of London ” and are totally hostile to the people of Canada as 10 000’s of long walks in the city of Ottawa urban area from 1988 to date and seeing how homelessness and poverty have dramatically grown proves. The liberal and conservatives also have access to the secret CSIS files and they can thus find out early what is going on. Thus the Yugoslavia conflict that destroyed the lives and health of Canadian soldiers and of course the people there could have been ended and the super rich exposed had the Cretein government accessed the information in CSIS to disclose the secret wars organizations or the 5 eyes but the secret co operation means the political parties have information that could stop a war. Or be used to rightfully punish some billionaire…

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now comes the singularity


the daily critique of people & events runs on one channel. the witness of this drama watches it from another channel. where do i place my voluntary attention & heartfelt choice? at each moment there is a purposeful return to the witness. over & over the urge manifests to see truly, clearly, not to indulge in the ego drama of fierce feelings, needs & iron preferences enclosing like binding chains & blinders. if nothing more is done for sadhana than this alone, at least this much is completed to coax & invite deeper awareness. hence the mind's tv is tirelessly tuned to the witness channel, forming the habit of divine detachment as a point of view. it will eventually happen that the tv is turned off & that there are no channels at all available any more. now comes the singularity, the formless blending foretold by quantum physics & the…

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Blog: Should the UK go the ‘German way’ with its post-Brexit real estate? –

Will post-Brexit Britain be able to transform from its London-centric structure into a thriving multi-city environment like Germany or the Netherlands?

Citywire AAA-rated Rogier Quirijns, who runs several real estate funds at Cohen & Steers, believes this is the million-dollar question facing the UK over the next decade.

Quirijns said London?s status as the financial centre of Europe is likely to decline from its pre-Brexit days, and this presents a chance to reshape the UK cityscape and rethink investment opportunities.

?Look, everybody can make money in London. The question is: is it socially sustainable?? he told Citywire Selector. Quirijns cited the capital?s issue of unaffordable housing and said decentralisation could offer a solution to extreme house prices.

?London is still a city with a great infrastructure, with many different cultures, and IT companies. So, I?m not a ?doom thinker?, but I think that a smaller position in London…

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“NEVER ‘TRUST THE PLAN’. . .” ~ Susan Bradford: “How We Got Into This Miserable Mess Today — The Plan That Has Had A Specific Shape For At Least 100 Years: Rothschild Dynasty Seeks To Fulfill World Depopulation Agenda”

Ascension Avatar

“Trust the plan.”

~QAnon (In-Q-Tel/ CIA/ Mossad)

The Venetians were once the most powerful maritime force in Europe, with an Empire that traversed the Eurasian continent. By aligning with mercenary armies of Khazars, Mongolians and Turks, they slashed and burned their way through one community after another, killing millions of people and seizing their wealth. In the process, they established trade routes that would later be resurrected in the modern-day Silk and Road Initiative, linking Eurasia with the Middle East through Israel.

Given their rapaciousness, heresy, disregard for convention, human life, and rule of law, and indulgence in the dark, occult arts, the Venetian empire fell to chaos, infighting, and pirate-upon-pirate plunder. They had established transnational spy networks throughout the Eurasian continent to alert them to threats, giving the the advantage in war and conquest.

Armed with a single-minded desire to amass the world’s wealth and power within their own…

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Be Like a Hobbit

The Mockingbird

Central characters to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings beloved franchise are no less than hobbits. Namely, Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. A race of people from a branch of humans, they are as short as dwarves, measuring between two and four feet and have slightly pointy ears like elves. (Spoilers ahead)

Well, by the title, I do not mean to be physically like hobbits or adopt their way of life but to simply learn from those created characters, focal in Tolkien’s best-selling fantasy books. For instance, most hobbits do not know how to swim nor are fond of travels and newfangled things outside of their ease.

Simplistic in nature, “they love peace and quiet and love tilled earth”, they enjoy the gifts of nature. Although they are skilled with tools, machines as hard to manipulate as forge bellows and water mills are not of their interest. They are described as…

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A Tool of Control: How Health Officials Weaponize Language to Manage Public Perception of COVID Vaccines

Desultory Heroics

The deployment of clever linguistic tricks has created a hostile upside-down universe, where even the vaccine-injured are tarnished as “anti-vaxxers” or liars rather than acknowledged as ex-vaxxers who took risks that turned out to be life-changing.

By Children’s Health Defense Team

Source: The Defender

Psychologicalandlinguisticmanipulation are, for those in power, proven tools for building, consolidating andmaintainingdominance — a realitykeenly depictedin George Orwell’s never-more-relevant novel, “1984.”

Asphrasedby master propagandist Edward Bernays, an approximate contemporary of Orwell’s, the mind of the people “is made up for it by the group leaders in whom it believes and by those persons who understand the manipulation of public opinion.”

Recent events surroundingCOVID vaccineshave shown that medicine and public health — with the help of acomplicitmedia — are particularly skilled at “pull[ing] the wires whichcontrol the public mind.”

The clever bag…

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Damnatio Memoriae for the 21st Century?

The Tactical Hermit


{Damnatio Memoriae} is the latin phrase literally meaning “condemnation of memory” in the sense of a judgment that a person must not be remembered. It was a form of dishonor that could be passed by the Roman Senate upon traitors or others who brought discredit to the Roman State. The intent was to erase someone from history, a task somewhat easier in ancient times, when documentation was much sparser.

In an article in Stars and Stripes, it was revealed that Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has decided to strike Confederate Memorial Day and Robert E. Lee’s Birthday from the state calendar. This of course follows in the wake of the recent decision to remove the Confederate Battle Standard from the South Carolina Statehouse. As this “political bandwagon” gains steam, it appears that every weak-minded and spineless politician, regardless if they are from the South or not, are more than eager to jump on and 

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Australians Launch Campaign to Encourage Businesses to Open Doors to Unvaccinated Customers — Elizabeth Johnston

Vermont Folk Troth

As strict measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 remain in place in Australia, a new consumer advocacy group has been created to encourage businesses to open their doors to all citizens, vaccinated or not.

The group, Open for All, has created badges that businesses can display on their storefronts and websites that state “Proudly Open For All.”

“We are hearing from hundreds of people who—vaccinated or not—disagree with the idea of a ‘show your papers’ policy and the two-tier society that will surely follow,” a spokesperson from the newly-created group told The Epoch Times.[…]

Australians Launch Campaign to Encourage Businesses to Open Doors to Unvaccinated Customers — Elizabeth Johnston

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