Tradition • Objective Reality • Natural Order • Third Position

The fight is against the system. This system is out to crush us all. It’s time to act accordingly.

Once upon a time, I strived to make my way into this system. It was something. Life was simple when I was in K-12 school system. Physics and history were my favorite subjects. I played baseball, pitched: sick slider, curve ball, off-speed pitch and a sinker. I love this game. At bat I could have been more aggressive. Left field; I made up for that. There was an absolute clean, healthy, wholesome adrenaline rush hustling into foul territory to snag a fly ball for an out. Intentionally, I would slow my gallop and force the need to dive. That shit rocked…a few times: spectators in foul territory with lawn or beach chairs, a picnic set-up, maybe an umbrella. It was a rush to come crashing into the setup to make the chaotic catch and crash.

Growing up in New England, we have snow storms throughout the winter. When I was in seventh grade, school was cancelled one day, me and my neighbor decided to grab our shovels and knock on doors. We would shovel walkways for $1. Clean snow off cars for $5. Shovel full length driveways for $20, $30. We we made cash. We had an armament of shovels. We got a snow blower. We were at the mercy of mother nature, for some Winters. Other Winters we would have a storm every five, seven, nine days.

Our neighbors that called our houses (me and my neighbor), to return and help again. All the way until Senior year. We were reliable, responsible and we were good boys. Our neighbors loved us. We loved them.

This was a tight knit community. Neighbors were assertive in helping neighbors. My community was a safe, solid place with strong, sincere people. The behaviors of neighbors were predictable as were environmental factors. We had a high trust society.

The Gates of Hell • Global Financial System

After high school, I went to study finance in undergraduate studies. Admittedly, feeling peer pressure as the social circles I grazed in, people were going to law school, dental school or becoming nuclear physicists, I felt the need to keep up with this scene. Therefore I went to graduate school to earn a dual master’s degree, M.S. in Accounting and an M.B.A. focused in Information Technology.

An important aspect of this to point out: 40% of the student body of the university I attended were from other continents. I will say, my closest friend was from Finland and it was a blessing we met. I had acquaintances from all over: Spain, Germany, Sweden, Iran, UAE, Egypt, Japan, Venezuela, Columbia, Argentina. Most of them had respect for America and Americans.

However, within the curriculum (text books, syllabus, professor’s dissertation, etc) – GLOBALIZATION was baked into the entire thing. It was being ushered in, right here, at the level of academia.

From there I entered the realm of the global financial system. Beginning with work for a CPA firm, I worked in audit and attestation services for four years. I then moved to a smaller firm and worked both as an auditor and in the role of income tax accountant. An opportunity presented itself to me in 2007, to enter the realm of private equity. I worked in risk management – which is buffering transactions from worst case scenarios, for energy conglomerates operating globally. Outside of my work in due diligence, I spent much time interfacing with energy juggernauts, law firms, outside CPA firms. Other private equity operations. Behemoth financial institutions. Regulatory compliance. And other engines. Like USAID and the OECD.

This is where I saw the crimes. Cut-throat, complex energy transactions. Decisions made on the ground, off record, that decided the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people. It was deep here in the belly of the beast I saw pure corruption. Cutting corners. The structuring of joint ventures or limited partnerships to evade regulations. Evade honoring one’s word.

Please allow me to be clear: my role was in the role as an Associate, never near the upper echelons of the decision making capacity. Five years. And then a major white light moment.

Something ugly was underway. And I was an active participant. This had to come to a stop.

Globalization was launched as scorched earth policy upon the sovereignty of nation-states. Those advocating for the acceleration of globalization state that this agenda advances the scope of opportunity for people worldwide. That globalization creates opportunities that were never afforded to people before.

This is not the case.

Globalization was set into motion to enable a worldwide consolidation of wealth, power and resources. Globalization was set forth to stifle innovation. Globalization was set forth with ruthless, malicious intent to siphon the benefits of these operations into the coffers of very few, at a cost to a great many. What I saw first hand was pure malfeasance. Materialism. Nihilism. Strange competition shrouded in anonymity. Who are these people? What is this trajectory? This is not honest work. Who benefits?

People need the snow cleared. After the storms.

This job is chaos and fuckery and a storm never ending. Active participation – I wished I was building something with my hands. I put this to an end.

Occupy Wall Street appealed to me. Of course, this movement was compromised from the onset, however, the energy of participants (unbeknownst were the machinations of the organizers), the energy was real. The enemy was and continues to be very real. The enemy is the global financial system of capital. This is a predatory system. This system long ago abandoned fiduciary responsibility to uphold the public trust.

Occupy superceded the ideologies: conservatives, liberals, socialists, leftists, libertarians, Marxists, fascists, radicals, anarchists and many of these hybrid ideologies – techno-libertarianism – people set aside their ideological battles to confront the obvious, ominous and the very visible enemy – the bankers.

Right now the Occupy common sense is in dire need. The very same vampire squid system of financial legerdemain has hijacked the script and turned the tables against dissent worldwide. They have guised sinister intentions with this virus-cyber-climate emergency plot; enemies that are invisible, ever-growing, ever-evasive and it is the vampire squid that dictates the battle. And the progress.

The cryptic objective of globalization is true oligarchy. Global governance.

The system has fused together industry, finance, academia, law enforcement, technology, biosciences, healthcare, energy, materials and distribution mechanisms of global financial vampire capital into a machine that has swallowed up the political capital of the world, as those in positions to enact policy have been compromised. A convenient set of geopolitical happenstance has created the theatre for a Cold War 2.0, which I assure you is purely a spectacle to keep the military industrial complex relevant as it was during the Forever Wars, for spending on defense will be just the same as if we had a hot war. The final piece at play is the mouthpiece of this system, the encapsulation of the entire mainstream media apparatus worldwide, which is in the business of straight fucking lying to us all, as the system calls for. This machine is dangerous, employing surveillance, censorship and secret police to carry out the realization of a One World Order.

A war on reality.

This is what is at stake now. Our future. This is not hyperbole. It is time to wake up …