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Primarily I share content that comes from other blogs, news websites, social media platforms, etc. Things that are interesting to me and I’d like to share.

The entirety of my blog thing here is identification of the big rouse. I have come to believe that the Globalist system has identified “Climate Crisis” as the undefeatable, invisible abstract, unmeasurable, omniscient, forever lurking catastrophe that is being weaponized in a manner to instill fear into the ordinary people and to justify the stripping away of basic human rights, and specifically in America, Constitutional freedoms. The threat that the Earth beneath one’s feet could combust up into flames at any moment due to global warming and people must trust their leadership and to do so requires relinquishing all freedoms to procure environmental security. Climate Action is the final form of political correctness, equality, social justice, migration, egalitarianism, liberalism, socialism and capitalism mishmashed into an amalgamation thing that resembles a technocratic, oligarchical despotic celebration. Via the Great Reset, the UN’s Agenda 2030’s imposing 17 Sustainable Development Goals will be imposed onto the world’s civilization via the events and transactions of the far reaching, wide array of the supranational business mega-conglomerates, NGOs, Governments, theological/spiritual leadership, powerful business consortiums, think tanks, etc. Through the use of technology, mass surveillance will monitor each and every little, last facet of our entire ecology and will be used to control us all.

My political leanings:

  • Dissident/Third Position content
  • Populism, Nationalism and Traditionalism
  • Pro-military conscription
  • Anti-War
  • Anti-Corporatist
  • Anti-Technocracy
  • Pro-Worker
  • Pro-Heritage
  • Pro-Environmental Preservation
  • Pro-Community

Paying Attention:

  • Agenda 2030/Great Reset/Davos
  • Censorship
  • Bat-Flu Regime
  • Globohomo GayOps
  • Antifa/Stateless Society/Anarchists
  • Blockchain
  • UN, EU, NATO
  • Facebook/Apple/Amazon/Microsoft/Google (“big tech”)
  • Light-switch Brain Left/Right “Democracy”
  • Surveillance Capital
  • Stakeholder Capitalism/Communitarianism
  • Rothschild Banking Consortium
  • Israel/Palestine Conflict
  • Syrian Civil War
  • Quantitative Easing (the FED)
  • Vaccine Craze
  • Sustainable Economy
  • Big Data
  • Deep Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence/Artificial Consciousness
  • 5G
  • Biometrics
  • Carbon Zero
  • Precious Metals
  • Petrodollar
  • Triple Bottom Line (Profit/People/Planet)
  • Greater Israel Project
  • Belt and Road Initiative
  • (((Climate Action)))
  • Globohomogayplex
  • Military Industrial Complex
  • Globalism
  • Zionism
  • Political theatre

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