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About the name:

It is the onomatopoeia of the sound of my mountain bike tires squeaking as I go down snow covered sets of not-to-narrow staircases. It’s sounds like mooOoOon-YaYo …that’s the sound! Have been uttering that to myself since I was a young man!

About blog:

Much of the content is aggregated from elsewhere within the WordPress framework, as well as items that come from blogs elsewhere, independent/standalone websites (copied here and referenced for credit), social media accounts, other items, audio files, video files, occasionally documents embedded.

I author very few posts. When others articulate my sentiments much better than me and permission is available, I share items here.

There are types of posts shared:

  • Current events/news (ie what happened today)
  • Analysis of current events (ie why what happened today)
  • Reflection on events past (ie reexamination)
  • Posts on subject matter (ie the origin of the Bazooka)
  • Posts on historical items (ie the origins of France)
  • Posts on political leanings
  • Posts with ideas
  • Etc.

I would like to go through all the content and recategorize the items to fit as such and one day I will get to do it. In the meantime it goes as it does.

About me:

A heightened sense of appreciation to the fabric the community I grew up in. Love my family, the town I grew up in, the safe, secure surroundings with sincere people. The predictable behaviors.

In 1991 I found computers and found Usenet in 1992. This is when I began to gauge the importance of understanding how these machines talk to one another.

Baseball is the sport I played growing up. A pitcher and left-fielder, through sophomore year in college.

Scholastically, obtained undergraduate degree in Finance in 2001, began graduate studies in 2004 for an MS in Accounting and an MBA focused in Information Technology. I wrapped up both in mid 2006. And wipe my ass with these degrees now.

My professional career began in 2001 for a CPA firm. Soon, I migrated into private equity, Much time outside of due diligence was spent interacting with regulatory compliance bodies, energy juggernauts (like Chevron and BP), other private equity firms, law firms, institutional vampires of finance (like JP Morgan and State Street Bank), also the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

I put it to an end in 2011. Globalization (not Globalism) has accelerated the rate of a worldwide consolidation of wealth, influence and power. Elimination of competition. Intellectual property dreamt up by business people that absolutely would have benefited the people of the world at large – these projects get bought out in order to be SQUASHED for no such opportunities can be afforded to ordinary, working people.

A rite of passage; the greed, tactful manipulation of loopholes; bending the law, schemes, the high and mighty attitudes of those I worked with, for, on behalf of and those that worked for me. Nihilism. Materialism. Consumerism. There was no honor in this work. Obscene corruption. I came to know certain truths and left this life in 2011. Since then I have worked in network security.

Occupy Wall Street appealed to me. The common enemy was the parasitic banks. Liberals, libertarians, conservatives, socialists, communists, anarchists, patriots, fascists, monarchists, whatever label – ideological purity was abandoned by most all. We shared a common enemy.

A few years later, nation, faith, race, tradition, heritage, culture, history, fair play and reality itself – appealed to me. And the international, cosmopolitan “ruling money changer class” is the ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE- for they trample upon these things that constitute the essence of PEOPLE.

The explosion of the information age and mobile technology as it’s chariot widened my eyes to the danger posed by duplicitous leadership and so called “democracy”. The onset of surveillance, censorship, global over-consolidation of powers in business, law and media, wars with no end game insight, poverty and disenfranchisement of seemingly more and more regular folk, scandalous banking activities abound, planned obsolescence design devolved into items that are pieces of shit and are built to break and be replaced. Behemoth retailers like Amazon and Walmart wiping out communities in the sense that family owned hardware, toy, sporting goods and other stores fell victim to large scale consumerist capitalism…

The global, philanthro-capitalist machine I used to be a part of is now the fire, the lightning, the will to Revolt Against the Modern World.

Watchmen have been warning us for decades about the technocratic, oligarchical, despotic fate of freedom and liberty…

Rebellion will materialize.. HISTORY IS COMING BACK