The Syrian Civil War – Evolution of the Syrian Army’s Way of War

Weapons and Warfare

By Eyal Berelovich

The views expressed above are those of the author and do not represent those of the Israel Defense Force Ground Forces, the R.D.C Department, or the Israel Defense Force.

Professor Eyal Zisser’s 2018 article on the Syrian Civil War begins with the following words: “In March 2011 a revolution erupted in Syria. It began as a limited local non-violent protest in the rural and peripheral areas of the country, and within a few months escalated into a bloody civil war that quickly became sectarian, and worse yet – religious, a holy war (Jihad). The civil war attracted foreign intervention that transformed Syria into a regional and international arena of conflict, with the rival sides being used by the global and regional powers as pieces on the chess-board of their conflicts.” [i]

Most descriptions and analyses of the war divide it chronologically into several main phases. Some…

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4 thoughts on “The Syrian Civil War – Evolution of the Syrian Army’s Way of War

  1. The sources seem to be zionist or part of “ Odin Yanon “ or greater Israel > The information on the wars is good > drones show the rebels or outsiders or foreign troops by secret wars > there is Vanessa Beeley and bitchute fearless on a December video > the author did well 365 £ spent by Great Britain and Saudi and United Arab Emerites but USA also chipped in billions on a regime change. The real issue is using jewish or Israel sympathetic sources and the jewish monopoly media and academia plus Hollywood and music > make BML riots. The idea of calling a popular government a “ regime is laughable > the difference is all western politicians are so unpopular they live under and with armed guards as do western super rich. The guards often are ex army and trained destroying entire third world continents for mining companies and IMF etc. But Assad is so popular he can meet with his people far less guarded than our own politicians. The secret wars are unpopular and shameful and highly illegal and immoral. The secret wars are a low far more depraved than past wars of conquest. But the jewish nature of the conflict is seen as the Soviets did the same when Germany was conquered by the allies and rape and torture starvation of women and civilians May 1945 to 1953 and murder of moderate Islamic leaders and Christians > the tactics are identical to WW 2 but secret wars and mercenaries plus financial plunder of western treasury for torture and bombing is a a super criminal conduct and the mass media and western jewish billionaires > in the know > CFR > are engaging in criminal conduct beyond bad more depraved than any normal person can do by a rich jew and funds to politics and command chain to mercenaries, thus each link in the chain is ethically murder at triple number due to secrecy and abuse of flag of western nations or reputation of USA and Britain. The war is due to the jewish donor class Sheldon Adleson as republican and democratic donors as Biden is increasing the violence. The wars are a level of depravity perhaps at historical levels by secrecy and plundering and crop burning Syria is not Rothschild bank which always is a robbery of nations. The city destruction by US bombs and secret deaths of US servicemen shows the unpopular war crime is our own governments are regimes and all their policies are very unpopular and always elite > war costs while mass homeless and mass migration & aid to Israel are all unpopular so our own governments are regimes and little better than actual dictatorship.

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