Identity and Class

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Where to start? At the beginning? Boring. I’m starting with Socialism, which came long before me. One of the tenets of Socialism, whether National or Bolshevik or Other, is the dissolution of class and boundary lines. I will speak from the pulpit of my personal experience, as a man who comes from the Lower Middle Class of (former) American New England. Because I come from the Lower Middle Class does not necessarily mean that is what I am. The Middle Class as a monolith is disappearing, in America, nevermind the complexities, intricacies and nuance of it. Perhaps before I attempt to return to the beginning of this thought I shall make for you, dear reader, an illustrative case.

You can dissect the corpse of the Middle Class into Upper and Lower quadrants. I do. Is this canon? I don’t care; experts are overinflated dunce-nuggets that desperately need to be deflated…

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