Boutique Multiculturalism

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In the Winter, 1997 issue of the University of Chicago Press’ Critical Inquiry, (v23 n2 p378) the prolific literary-theorist Stanley Fish published one of my favorite, logical-contradictions-heightening essays, “Boutique Multiculturalism” which, depressingly, isn’t even mentioned in that Wikipedia page about him.

If you are willing to register with JSTOR, you can read it for free online at that link, but those online browsing apps annoy me and don’t make for comfortable reading.  Otherwise you’ve got the pay the wickedly greedy public institution for the right to read it on your device.

My own wetware version of the internet memory hole has unadulterated logs which help me remember when this essay was once available for free at many dozens of blogs, and in fact I have a copy of the pdf downloaded from one of those sites.  But today, according to google, it has all but disappeared, reproduced only…

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