Bill Gates and Rockefeller Foundations collaborate with the United Nations to produce guide for blockchain-based “vaccine passport” (digital identity)


Crackpot conspiracy theory: “The elites are trying to give everyone a digital identity!”
Enlightened philanthropism: “We elites are trying to give everyone a digital identity, and that’s a good thing!”

The UN’s digital identity guidelines

The United Nations’ World Health Organization recently published a “guidance document” for countries and so-called ‘technical partners’ (i.e. technocrats) detailing the “technical requirements for issuing digital certificates for vaccination against COVDI-19 [sic].” The project was funded by the Gates and Rockefeller Foundations.

A WHO press release claimed that the document is designed to support UN Member States (which includes literally every country on earth except for the Vatican and Palestine) in adopting the “digital tools for documenting COVID-19 vaccination status for the purposes of effective health care, and proof of vaccination should it be needed for…

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