Waukesha: Just Around the Corner from Kenosha


Source: National Vanguard

A Black male, Darrell Brooks, age 39, rammed his Ford Escape SUV into a crowd of white people attending a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on 21 November 2021, killing five people immediately and injuring more than 60 others, including 18 children.

One of those injured children (Jackson Sparks, age 8) died on the 25th from injuries sustained during the deliberate collision of Brooks’ SUV with his body, bringing the total dead to six.

Darrell Brooks has a long criminal history, and he is, furthermore, a sex criminal. Brooks was arrested on 2 November 2021 for reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct — he punched his girlfriend in the face — bail jumping, and battery, but he was released after posting a $1000 bond. That is what gave him the opportunity to do mass murder a little over two weeks later.

Darrell Brooks is affiliated with Black Lives Matter…

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2 thoughts on “Waukesha: Just Around the Corner from Kenosha

    1. The driver of the SUV has multiple social media accounts in which for the past two years + , he has openly advocated for the following:

      -Acts of violence to be taken out against White people.
      -Demanding reparations.
      -Composing and performing rap music under the name “math boi fly” – songs that are not subtle in the call for violence and revolution against the system (ie police/White people/etc)


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