Towards a Science of Misinformation and Deception



The study of information has been remarkably clarified byinformation theory. This is the scientific study of the quantification, storage, and communication of digital information. The field is at the intersection of probability theory, statistics, computer science, statistical mechanics, information engineering, and electrical engineering.

Information theory has found applications in other areas, including statistical inference, cryptography, neurobiology,perception, linguistics, the evolution and function of molecular codes (bioinformatics), thermal physics, molecular dynamics, quantum computing, black holes, information retrieval, intelligence gathering, plagiarism detection, pattern recognition, anomaly detection and even art creation.

The world has recently been witness to much emphasis onmisinformationin relation to the pandemic.The United Nations and its Specialized Agencies have been very explicit regarding the challenge of misinformation:

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One thought on “Towards a Science of Misinformation and Deception

  1. LOL. Remember THAT Media Org/Collective mentioned several times? They (well, the Chair) harbour responsibility adding Information Disorder, Misinfo, DisInfo and MalInfo, granted, the definitions started to be dynamic late summer 2021/early fall before they went dark. By then, other Majors and Massives, Parents and Subs, PACs and Orgs, by way of Financial & Scholastic Sponsorships, crossed the Atlantic before stumbling from the US Uni Base One East Coast to West Cost Uni Base One and taking flight over the Pacific and later Indian Oceans!

    UN Verified Campaign = DOA = #ExposeBillGates That was them. Digital Defense League (DDL), Five Media Companies, most in the US, but Mexico, Canada, UK and Digital Community whom are all, rather popular. Then there’s that Consulting Firm and those Six and 16 Major Orgs Direct Affiliates and not counting the New Sponsors. APIs, Holding Firms, Africa Fund, and two Funds initially mentioned but Activated within a few weeks or months ago, and most share a common Funding Source! Tides Foundations, Asp. Fund and a 40+ Coalition, even Wellspring and Hopewell NVF are involved! (Most won’t make it this far, but this is what i was mentioning earlier, nudge-nudge. You won’t believe this shite)

    Of course, thanks to Grants and Funding, they onboard quite the impressive Staff, drawn from some of the Top Alpha Programmes in the US and now cover nearly all Prog and EstDEM Orgs. They handle Training, Vol Recruitment, Scripts, Voter Outreach, pushing the Narratives and Changing the Definitions, so Climate Denial, COVID vaccine hesitancy, holocaust Questioning, Asian-Hate/PRC-Hate, 6 Jan, White Nationalism, and anything else that needs to be “covered” receives a nice little in-House poll – I am not kidding. The latest Update is rather interesting, showing the largest move away from the previous Posture to embracing Actions designed, Beta-tested and unleashed on the individuals doing the ground-pounding, said Posture breaks all Ethical and Moral Codes. Seriously, this is a bit too much, even for them. Majority = Progs but some EstDEMs are falling-in step, the OG Groups do some bad shite, but at least they don’t straight-up lie (What happens throughout Phases I – IV and End Stage, When VOTER FRAUD OCCURS and E-Day, when another crass reality is thrust upon exhausted shoulders and the separate but equally illegal actions become reality, not included!)

    This began last year and bloomed early spring 2021, when the first definitions started changing, ever so slightly, (something noticed by using Ghosts, the original Comms sent to all members Auto-Update, with sections fading or slowly dropping, new points arriving and new Sponsorships and Links. When looking at March vs Dec, damn! Glad that’s SOP) and as stated, the Direct Comms show the progression from Honest Approach to Blagging, but we never thought blagging extended beyond the Base Voter Targeted Demos. In March, once the Partnerships and hashtags formed (as I’m sure all recall!), the Static to Dynamic pivot occurred and it made sense: How do you translate passion, emotions, lived experiences, Best Practices, etc. the shite that’s Programmed into DTrip Staff, but do so for Glorified Volunteers and restricting membership/Partnership to below a specific Age? You lie to your “Staff”. This is where the Narrative (old term, but fitting) kicks-in.

    These Groups learn: When they are unable to defend using Logic, they default to one of xyz Postures and deploy as needed. Each of the examples listed above, now lump the Continued Influence Effect, “Debunking” and Debunking “Lab vs Wild” Usage, through to the late summer intro of Mis and Dis Infos plus Pre-Bunking, Inoculation, Post-Truth Malaise and Targeted Audiences. Questions became Conspiracy Theories. These entered into the overlapping Graphic, one that’s remained static since 2016, before a random Pull and Release, showing a different Graphic and examples. Interestingly, and sorry if mentioned before, most of the Info Disorder comes from the Lead’s final paper, but that new degree adds some swagger, and said 2016 Document continues to grow. They actually REDID their Quarterly Reports during the “Blackout” thankfully, we have the Originals, but it should stand as a reminder how low these people will sink.

    The changes in A-o-As, the SOPs, the updated Best Practices and Metrics used are a small sample of how bad it is and how deep it spreads. The supporters are familiar names, maybe not their PACs or Action Funds, but many of them see use by most reading this. US and Europe (as stated months ago, but Europe, y’all are in for some shite! The spin-off is led by some crazy AF people.

    COVID was first used by the Lead Org pre-Separation, diverting into three different International Orgs. Anti-Asian Focused and anything anti-PRC (esp. pushed the Wuhan Lab Theory Leak as False Content), and anti-Muslim hate, plus “immigrant”, LQBTQ… and as seen throughout spring and summer 2021, Modi and India. When a YUGE Communications Org joined the party, things spiralled out of control.

    The definitions were a PhD and include associations with Google News Initiative, and several flowcharts of unpleasantness. The best part? The way this Information arrived. Still one of my favourite examples of Nothing In Field is Random.


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