The Wars We Send Our Sons to Fight for The Devil Named Gog.


The God Culture video provides the reference base and the demand by the spirit world caused the cover up by western scholars of the Philippine connection to God and the land of gold and pearls > gates of pearl in the new Jerusalem their other videos can explain. Always Christian since Noah like the French Canadian martyrs where Gen Wolfe > Jesus is the good shepherd > Gen Wolfe burnt farm houses along the Saint Lawrence creating starvation as the seige of Louisburg in cape Breton, and the deportation of the Acadians ( death by starvation and disease ) to New Orleans Louisiana. The Gog as a angel hybrid has a physical need for innocent, youthful blood and death and louche energy ( from human suffering. Humanity are sheep by Psalm 23 and intellect is outmatched by near complete knowledge of history and psychology of angel – animal…

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