More People Waking Up to the Reality of The Great Replacement

Indeed they are….the Depopulation Agenda = the Great Replacement.

The Tactical Hermit

Over Half of French Survey Respondents Believe in the Great Replacement Theory

Funny thing about TRUTH.

You can SUPPRESS it for a while but you can never EXTINGUISH it.

This is a Not So New Form of War

That fellow French Author Jean Raspail eerily foresaw in the 1973 novel Camp of the Saints.


The Fire Rises.

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2 thoughts on “More People Waking Up to the Reality of The Great Replacement

  1. For all of Northern Europe the story is the same. Only the old eastern bloc countries are standing firm against the tide,

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    1. The only reason why Eastern Europe held any advantage to begin with was due to the fact that during the 1990s the “Eastern Bloc” were recovering Post-Soviet bloc economies.

      The primary reason why opportunistic migrants flock to Central & Northern Europe is because of the quality of life, prosperous economy & abundance of social services.

      It has little to do with “standing firm” insofar to any type of elevated mindset, considering that the Eastern bloc nations today care little for the plight of the rest of Europe (some exceptions can be made to this rule), they’re perfectly willing to divert “migrant traffic to Central & Northern European countries so long as it benefits their overall security.

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