In a Dying World to be Reborn

Oracular Intelligence

Most people think of themselves as an accumulation of properties of various sorts: I am beautiful. I am stupid. I am wealthy. I have this skill or that skill. I did this two years ago, and that a year ago. I am suited to this. I am unsuited to that. These modifiers provide clarity, distinction, and a sense of self-awareness. We are such a creative species that we are even able to embody these intelligent labels as if they were who we are, instead of who we are designing ourselves to be.

All of these attributes define our identity based on our relationship to things, people, events, and circumstances. Our character, we believe, is a product of a mix between these influencers and a certain special something that we bring to the table. We are mostly, in life, preoccupied with all this stuff that swirls around us: all the action…

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