How many illegal voters does it take to Flip a Major Urban Centre Municipal Gov’t and establish Precedent? Indeed, we are living in a Clown World. Honk!

This type of ground level knowledge regarding the mechanics, the logistics, the politics within the politics – happening on the ground – within the campaigns …is much needed for our team

TLAMN Incoming

Or, What does it mean when ProgDEMs build a veto-proof Majority, and stand ~36Hrs away from Voting on a “Bill” that adds x-number of Non-Citizens, “Immigrants”, to the Voter Rolls?

Who drafted and Tabled said Bill? Why, the NYC Progressive Caucus City Council Members, Silly Campers! lulz! Huh? City Council drafting legislation? Yeppers! Remind anyone of a certain “Bathroom Bill”? Neatest part, the Mayor kinda/sorta hinted at a Veto, TEN Days* before E-Day, only to retract it post E-Day, offering a firm “No. Let’s see how this plays out”.

*Geez, I wonder why this timing? Random? Nope. From 29 November 2021

Confusing, innit? Bad news, Campers, the “Next Phase” began and the Beta Test is underway. This gets a bit confusing, and I can’t really reduce it any more than this, tried to, but only made it worse, so please, be patient and take your time or please remain in…

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