WolfWalkers: On Werewolves, Outlaws, and Reactionaries

Ecology Viewed from the Right

The howling of wolves is one of the most evocative and unsettling sounds on earth, awakening something primordial in the human soul. Among the most intelligent and graceful of terrestrial animals, wolves have been an object of fear and fascination throughout history. While many early societies venerated wolves for their skill at hunting and ferocity in battle, as the world grew tame and domesticated the wolf became a hated vestige of wild nature, an outlaw whose ruthless elimination was necessary to the safety and progress of mankind. Eventually, some far-sighted men in the most advanced societies came to regret what had been lost during man’s millennia-old quest to tame the wilderness, and the wolf took on a new mystique, a symbol of the earthly paradise lost. This newfound appreciation for wild nature is reflected not only in environmental science and politics, but in our stories as well.

As the father…

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