Who Are You, Really?

Conjunction Press

There’s a sort of game of worth we love to play with ourselves.

We think, “I deserve…” Or, “I’m Worthy…” or (and this is my favorite) “I’m better than…”

Than ourselves, our past selves, than the nebulous “other”, or even than those around us.

One of the more disconcerting aspects of having a spiritual practice is the constant confrontation with the fact that this sentiment is actually untrue.

We have this notion that if we have positive circumstances in our lives and those good things happen to us, to means that in some way we deserve positivity. In some way we think it means that some benevolent god has played favorites and that we’ve come out on top in some bizarre game of cosmic roulette.

But I think a lot of us know that this isn’t true.

A lot of us know that the circumstances we find ourselves in are…

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