Where Did We Go Wrong? A Tale Of Our Times.

Not Something Else

I think there is little doubt of, but there could be much opposition to, the statement that humanity, as a collective, has made a complete hash of living on planet Earth. That situation, I also think, has now been realised and there is frantic non-action being proposed at the highest levels to not deal with that reality but to make profit out of not doing so – while the opportunity for profit exists, and to hell with the consequences. Not that there is any way, as I keep saying, to do anything meaningful about it. We have sown our seeds (mostly GMO these days) and must reep the appropriate rewards. That, since we are not the masters of our own destiny (though I’m sure there are those who would also disagree with that statement), is only just and fair and appropriate. We have swallowed our poison and now want some…

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