What are the real objectives of the lockdowners?

The Price of Liberty

We are now approaching 22 months of the public pandemic – and a full two years since it seems the novel coronavirus first made people ill (in China).

The daily news is filled with more and more reports of new lockdowns, travel restrictions, and the unending drumbeat of “cases” and “deaths” – which always (of course) increase. I think most rational and objective observers can see the extreme (and purposeful) bias of the news.

Between the news sound bites, we also have an unrelenting stream of propaganda. Not just in the form of the ubiquitous “public service announcements” (PSA) but many of the commercial adverts. We hear the proclamations of “medical correctness” – masks, vaccines, social distancing. And we hear how making sure our 5 to 11 year old children are “guaranteed a future” by getting the COVID-19 vaccination. And more. We are told constantly that the vaccine means fewer…

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