Those who refuse to learn from history are bound to re-live history

Europe Renaissance

Throughout history, societal change has been brought about only by violent resistance by peaceful men and women who at some point of exasperation with deaf-eared authority decided that they had had enough. Non-violent men and women decide that the pain of brutal repression is relieved only by violent resistance – whatever the cost.

As one commentator surmised: ‘Strange how violence is never the answer when used by oppressed people and always the answer when used by the state.’

At what point is violence considered to be the only option? By nature, I am a pacifist. Throughout my life I have campaigned relentlessly against the wrong kind of wars; wars fought for profit, over race, conflicts for territory, battles for the vainglorious.

‘I deplore media-sponsored violence such as the looting, burning and murdering Black Lives Matter and diversity race riots in the United States.’

However, if any man or woman is…

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