Of recent memory:

  • You work towards our destruction.
  • You systematically have our institutions working against the interests of the common people.
  • You systematically undermined our military assets to fight your wars on the other side of the world.
  • You unleash a not for profit to work well outside it’s defined bounds – which now says exactly what we are allowed to talk about, if we are are allowed to talk, from the digital public space to the very confines of our kitchen table with our children and our families.
  • You present degeneracy, malfeasance and debauchery as the norm – as if something to strive for – projected at us from all angles within your sitcom series, movies, magazines, comic books, plays, music, airwaves, newspapers, trade journals, advertisements, text books and beyond.
  • You have made a malicious decision; to break our borders, to guilt us into pathalogical altruism, that we must…

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