Third Place: Aesthetics of Heroic Realism

The Fourth Estate

Real Housewives. Real Women.

“A Journey Brings the US Face-to-Face with the SU.”

“The institution of a [Central] Bank has also a natural relation to the regulation of trade between the States, insofar as it is conducive to the creation of a convenient Medium of Exchange between them, and to the keeping up a full circulation, by preventing the frequent displacement of [Arbeit and Geld in the Life-Energization Reciprocity (LER) Process]. [Actual Arbeit] is the very hinge [of Actual Geld under the Work-Standard]. And this [Geld in question] does not merely [have to be] in Gold and Silver; many other things [could] have served the purpose, with different degrees of [Electrification]. Paper has been extensively employed [for centuries].

Alexander Hamilton, Opinion on the Constitutionality of a National Bank, ca. 1791

“Every demand for [economic] freedom withinthework-world is therefore possible only if it appears as a demand…

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