The War on Drugs at 50 Years Old

Complicated Politics

This year 2021 the War on Drugs turned 50 years old. On June 18, 1971 President Richard Nixon declared a war on drugs in response to the rise in drug use in the 1960s. The War on Drugs we were told was going to be “the end all be all” solution to this drug problem in the United States. After half a century how has it worked out?

In short it has clearly not worked. Let me start things off by saying the only true solution to the narcotics problem is Jesus Christ. Jesus is the only one who can free the drug addict free. Christian based drug programs such as Teen Challenge, The Dream Center, and others have clearly been much more effective than any Government Response. American Society needs Jesus Christ and need to be saved. Now we can get into the history of this War on Drugs…

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