Stable and Peace

Syncretic esoteric

After a year off, I’ve rekindled my interest in writing this blog, and recommenced my contemplation of random pairs of runes, drawn from my own set – the Stone Triline runes.

At first Stable and Peace seemed unpromising as a source of insight – stability and peace seem almost synonymous. Where is the friction to cause a spark of inspiration?

On further reflection though, there are important differences. You can have stability without peace – trench warfare where neither side gains ground despite horrific losses, or the Cold War where two opponents were evenly matched and the spectre of annihilation hovered over the world. You can also have peace without stability – any kind of positive change, such as growth, learning, and making new friends. The difference between a stubborn conflict and a stable peace, is suffering. Similarly in situations of change, whether you perceive them as harmful or…

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