Seira, transformative experiences, and spiritual materialism


Several years ago, while reading Platonic works, I found myself wondering how I and another devotee of Apollon could have such divergent perspectives and how, both of us presumably having had some kind of experience at the root of that, such a divergence was possible. Later, and as a related question, I started encountering ambiguities in the way that seira were discussed in the texts, with almost a slippery attribution of various philosophers (like Proclus) to different deities and an unwillingness from others to answer. Recently, I started thinking about a third question: How do we separate the beauty and loveliness of a divine experience from the ego taking it on as something it may never have been intended to be? Finally, many of us feel close to specific deities for a time, where closeness is defined as seeing them as infinitely relatable and loveable, and after that appropriate time…

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